what is SEO/search engine optimization definition

SEO, which is the abbreviation of search engine optimization, is the process of getting free visitors naturally through search engines

All famous search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo include results arranged according to their own algorithms through which results for each search are displayed as accurately as possible and thus SEO is a process that aims to reach the first results in search engines naturally and for free just after the paid ads

Now, in order for us to do SEO correctly, we must answer the following question:

How do search engines work?

To answer the question, we will use illustrations to enable everyone, regardless of their level, to understand the process that search engines perform to arrange results.

Imagine the search engine as responsible for a library that includes all the books of the world. To answer any question that comes to the search engine, the engine must first be aware of everything that the library contains and what are the links between the books.

Search engines like Google and Bing have their own algorithm to analyze results and provide the best answer to every search that any user performs.

The results of the research are of great importance, because the site in the foreground has more visitors to it than the sites in the second place, the site is in the second place better than the third, and so on …

According to the picture, if your site is in the fifth result, improving it to reach the first result means a significant increase in the number of visitors, and if the content included on this page is commercial content, which is mostly, this means a greater number of sales, hence the importance of SEO

As we said at the beginning, each search engine has its own algorithm to rank the results, but there are basic criteria that can be worked on to improve the site for search engines.

1-Content: Search engines are able to understand written content and whether this content is able to answer the user’s question adequately or not.
2-Titles: Search engines give titles more importance than words within the content, but nevertheless, it is not possible to rely on placing the required keywords in titles because search engines have become smarter and able to understand the content as a whole regardless of the title.
3-Links: external links or backlinks are the primary criterion that the search engine relies on to realize the power of websites and compare them to rank results in the event of equal criteria.
The links must be from reliable sites and from the same field, otherwise they will lead to counterproductive results. Therefore, an expert must be hired when purchasing these links.
4-The words within the links: such as managing advertising campaigns on social media, the search engines are able to understand that these words within the link have a relationship to the site to which these words are associated and are taken in consider when ranking the search results.
5-Reputation: Whenever the content is unique and periodic, which is provided by a site in addition to the presence of external supportive links to it, this will make it ahead of the competitors older than it faster and issue search results as in the picture.


1-The process is not that simple, as we said earlier that search engine criteria are very many and they are constantly evolving, so it will not be easy for a non-specialist to implement SEO correctly without the assistance of an expert marketing consultant.
2-The more the field in which you work includes more competitors, optimize your website to search engines requires more effort and a higher financial budget, but do not worry even if you work in the most competitive field in your country and if your site is newly established, there are always progressive plans and solutions that elevate your site to compete stronger Sites in your field.
3-Website optimization for search engines is a cumulative process and is a long-term plan. We do not justify some marketing offers that require a one-year contract to reach discretionary results that are not guaranteed, but in reality you will not be able to touch the difference in the first month of working with an SEO expert, but make sure that each stage Time has clear goals, measurable criteria, and to make sure you’re heading to the right place
Focus on what you will earn if you succeed in implementing the SEO, and then compare it to what you will spend to make a successful arbitrage

Explanation pictures were used from commoncraft