what is Google ads? We talked about defining SEO as the process that aims to rank at search results immediately after ads in search engines.

Since Google is a profit-oriented search engine, it aims to provide the best answer to the user’s question and also to make profits through the ads that it displays at the front of the search results or ads in the form of banners in most sites around the Internet (Google Partners) and also video ads among YouTube clips are classified From Google ads and finally e-mails that reach you to Gmail with the goal of advertising.

Google ads are preferred over social media ads when the target is more focused and we want to reach specific people through specific keywords and this is not what social media ads do not provide.

In fact, launching advertising campaigns through Google without extensive study of the types of keywords that will be used, their types and number, and without analyzing the initial results and making the necessary adjustments, makes this type of ads a very expensive nightmare for business owners.

We noticed that many companies stop using Google ads under the pretext of high cost, and this thing is illogical because the cost in Google ads is determined based on competitors with the same keywords.

In the past, YouTube has become a lot of educational means that provide quick tips for advertising campaigns on Google for beginners and also Google itself has provided these facilities, but today with the high level of competition and acceptable wages for professional marketing consultants, getting free advice is a must to make sure that the entire budget that The business owner shall be properly and fairly spent.