What is DR and what is its importance in optimizing websites for search engines?

DR definition

DR :domain rating It is a classification of a specific domain strength based on the external links (backlinks) profile for each domain  with a standard ranging from 0 to 100 logarithmically, the stronger external links, the higher rating mean, and this means that 100 is the best , while 0 is the value that the domain takes immediately after purchasing it without any external link,

By logarithmic we mean that the distances between 0 and 100 are Not evenly divided. For example, it is easy to reach  10 DR from 0, but getting from 10 to 15 is more difficult, and so on.

And when you reach the DR above 60, the transition to only one degree becomes difficult and needs a lot of work, but don’t worry, most of the sites that own the DR above 60 are very huge sites on an international level often and therefore you do not need to compete with them in your local market.

How important is DR in implementing SEO?

in fact the importance of DR highlights  that it is linked to the ranking of results within the search engines, that is, the higher the DR for a specific website, the better it ranks within the search engines results.

And since the Google algorithm is encrypted and depends on more than 200 factors in the ranking of search results, the importance of obtaining a DR is very high, especially in areas that include high competition.

How is the DR calculated for a website?

Ahrefs relied on the creation of the DR concept and calculation it based on external links (Backlink) and ranking of sites with a specific rating with a value between 0 and 100, as the site corresponds to the owner of the strongest and most valuable links with the highest DR rating

The DR is calculated based on the following factors:

+ Calculate the number of sites that include at least one do-follow link to the site that we want to measure it’s DR.

+ Taking into account the DR of each of these sites linked  to the site that we want to measure it’s DR.

+ The number of sites that obtain external links from each of the sites linked  to the site that we want to measure it’s DR.

+ Calculations are performed to arrange and display the results by a standard between 0 and 100 as we said earlier,

For further clarification, we also mention the following points:

+ If you get more than one backlink from the same site, that will not increase your site’s DR.

+ The more backlinks that a  website provides to a larger number of websites, the less benefit it offer for each.

+ The no-follow link does not increase the DR of your site.

+ With time, the higher the DR value of the linked websites , the  higher the DR for your site, and vice versa.

What is the effect of the DR increase on the ranking of search results?

We previously indicated that search engines have special algorithms that they use to rank search results in order to provide the best user experience, and according to statements by Google officials that Google relies on an algorithm to rank search results that include more than 200 general factors but 3 of them really core factors:

– Content that answers user questions.

-Google’s machine learning algorithm.

– backlinks and their strength for each website.

The third point is what matters to us, as Google has stated officially that the external links are important and whenever they are from a stronger site this means that they are from a more reliable source and therefore their importance increases, in fact this thing is natural because often the site with a high DR is an old website or a reliable new website, This is what matters to Google in providing search results to users.

Hence we note the importance of backlinks, and hence the importance of DR, and therefore we repeat that it is very important for any site that aspires to obtain a ranking in Google’s first results to obtain a high DR.

DR can be built gradually from 0, but this means a lot of effort and time, and also, building DR manually cannot at best reach 30 out of 100 after a year of work. Fortunately, there are fast ways that can shorten this effort and time that is millions dollars regarding to many commercial activities.

Questions and answers about DR

Could my DR decrease even if I didn’t lose any backlinks?

The domain rating is a standard that is subject to increase and decrease according to your backlinks and the performance of other sites as well. For example, if a site with a rating of 100 gets more backlinks  it cannot become 101 because the upper limit of the scale is 100 and thus it remains 100 and DR drops to other sites in full even if they do not get  ay  decrease in backlinks .

To avoid this, one solution is to continue to progress and strive for a consistently higher DR, otherwise with time you will lose your DR no matter how high.

Is getting a high DR sufficient to dominate the search results?

There is no doubt that obtaining many backlinks and from high DR websites, which is the most important thing, is indispensable for dominating search results faster than competitors, but with what you will dominate the search results ? You need professional content to lead the search results by it on the one hand, and to maintain your top position in the search results on the other hand, since the efforts of SEO must be in the area of ​​improving the user experience, otherwise any progress you achieve will be a case of a phrase that will go away with time.

Is getting a high DR worth the cost I will pay?

Whether obtaining a high DR, writing professional content, or designing a site compatible with the search engines, things that cannot be dispensed with to ensure successful implementation of SEO.

As for the cost that you will pay for the interest you will receive, we will explain it as follows:

If your business, for example, is selling real estate in Turkey and realize the value of your activity appearing on the first page of search engines, we will compare the benefit of SEO with what it corresponds to, which is Google ads. We will calculate the cost of Google ads and measure them on SEO as following:

– If the keyword “real estate for sale in Turkey” for example, has a $ 1 cost  per click, and thus to get 100 clicks per day with Google ads, you need $ 100 per day, and thus $ 3,000 per month.

– If you want to use 10 keywords at Google ads, such as apartments for sale in Istanbul or villas for sale with sea views in Istanbul, etc. .. And you want to get 100 clicks from each of these words and thus each month will cost 3000 dollars and for 10 words we talk about 30,000 dollars a month.

– $ 30000 by itself is a big number. What if this monthly cost !! and when your budget ends, your ad showing stops immediately.

– If we move to SEO, we have spoken previously that targeting a specific keyword to achieve a good rank in the search results carries with it many keywords equivalent to at least 20 words equivalent to each keyword in the following way:

The word real estate for sale in Istanbul will carry with it many synonyms, such as real estate for sale in Istanbul, apartments for sale in Istanbul, real estate for sale in Turkey, and therefore you have a good classification for one keyword, meaning you have a good classification for a large number of keywords,

– Now you get 100 clicks through SEO for a specific keyword within one day, which means saving $ 100 a day, which means saving $ 3000 a month.

– But as we said every word has its synonyms, which sometimes reach hundreds, so we will assume that you got 1000 clicks per day, which means saving 30,000 dollars a month.

– All this for one keyword, even if you are not in the first result of Google, the important thing is that every click you get saves you the cost of obtaining it through Google ads or any other reserve.

It is also worth noting that the effect of SEO lasts for a long time, even after the time of implementation of SEO, sometimes for years. This could explain that the SEO also needs time to implement and this is actually positive. If it were easy, all companies would do SEO, and thus competition would become very difficult.

SEO is a plan for smart, visionary, and strategic people who do not measure immediate results but understand the meaning of long-term success.

How can I ensure SEO succeeds in outranking my competitors?

In fact, whenever it is already in this article, it is information that any marketing specialist can collect and arrange in this way, but only the person with practical experience is able to answer your question.

Reports and analyses that we do before and during the implementation of the work, part of it is for your site and the other part for competitors ’websites, with the aim of controlling any activity they do, and since we rely on reports to draw strategies and plans that we will implement and therefore we can always provide better performance from them, it may cost you more money Or time, but surely the result you will get will be satisfactory.