DA or domain authority is a standard for assessing a site’s ability to achieve a good search engine ranking.

This indicator is defined by the SEO MOZ tool, which is well known. It is worth noting that DA is a scale between 0 and 100 the higher number means the higher ability of this site to obtain a higher ranking in the search engines ..

It is a logarithmic criterion, not linear, and this means the difference between 10 and 20 is much less than the difference between 70 and 80 even in a much more accurate statement than the difference between 70 and 71, and it is also a standard that is constantly expanding. When the site improves with a DA equal to 100 this does not mean that it will become Equals 101, but this leads to a decrease in all positions lower than it to a level commensurate with the progress achieved, to keep the DA 100 is the highest rank in this standard.

What does DA depend on its rating?

Since DA said that it gives an expectation of a site’s ability to get a good search engine ranking then this means a great opportunity to understand how we can improve DA. We should know what it depends on the rating.

In fact, the bakclinks is the primary component of the DA ranking, but there are many other elements, including the lifetime of your site and its indexing correctly in search engines.

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Do I have to get a DA equal to 100?

Certainly not, because DA equals 100 is the only Facebook site that includes millions of external links and thus to get enough DA for your business you can only compare your site with the websites of your main competitors, and if you are new in your field do not ever worry about our free site audit service.

Once you select the appropriate keywords for your business and develop the appropriate SEO plan, you can, within a reasonable time, compete with businesses that have been in the market for several years.

In general, and according to our practical experience, we have noticed that any normal commercial activity needs two years to reach a DA equal to 20 and needs 4 years to reach a DA equal to 30 and needs more than ten years to reach a DA higher than 40 but with our simple solutions we have made it possible for any business to reach the rank of old competitors with DA at least and through our other marketing services, we can guarantee a full online presence similar or even better than any competitor in the market in the event that a sufficient budget is available .

Does getting a higher DA than competitors guarantee me overranking them for specific keywords?

In fact, obtaining a high DA is very important to support all new and old pages of your site in order to get a higher ranking. But in fact, search engines rank pages, not sites, so this leads us to define a PA or page authority, which is the same DA standard, but it compares the pages between each other instead of the sites completely.

To answer the previous question we say getting PA higher than competitors for specific keywords will ensure a higher ranking for these pages and for those same words. Hence DA optimization is important but not sufficient if we are talking about a specific page and certain keywords, so we need to buy Backlink as well.

Someone may think that implementing SEO is expensive and has results that are not immediate and this is true, but if you are in a large competitive field or sell products or services that bring you a lot of profits, SEO will remain much cheaper than relying on traditional advertising and digital advertising that expires in the moment your budget ends Assigned to it.

Remember that DA optimization will remain beneficial to your website and every SEO activity you do for several years.