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What is your favorite style of villas between these models?

Villas with direct sea view:

A palace in the lap of nature while ensuring complete privacy:

Or a villa in a quiet location that guarantees you a social life at desirable prices:

Even if your tastes are different and you love modern life within a historical villa:

If you are thinking of a mansion on the Bosphorus with a private berth for the yacht and you have enough budget to bear the costs of owning this palace, your request is also available:

You can get a villa with direct sea view as the first example at a price of 1.6 million dollars.

And you can get that mansion in the lap of nature for  1.8 million dollars.

As for a villa in a quiet location that guarantees you a social life at a price of 700 thousand dollars.

And the modern villa with a historical design that you can get with a budget of 1.5 million dollars.

As for the palace on the Bosphorus, the prices of such properties start at 5 million dollars.

This introduction was very necessary for customers who have a budget of Turkish citizenship of 250 thousand dollars and request one of the villa models that we shared above, these examples were chosen based on real but illogical requests which requested by customers who do not have a good background about Istanbul and the prices of real estate in it in general and villa’s prices especially .

Most of these villas are in areas close to the center of Istanbul, and so the customers’ requests are, As for those who want to get a villa 50 km away from the center of Istanbul within 250-300 thousand dollars this is possible, but the location near the center have a very high price per square meter, and therefore we cannot find a villa even It was old less than half a million dollars .

How can I choose the villa correctly in Istanbul?

We believe that the best question is what is my purpose of buying a villa and what is my budget. If the purpose is to be a summer home and the budget is suitable just for citizenship , then we can offer a villa far from the center of Istanbul in a quiet and clean place.

If your goal is to live in a villa close to the center, even without a perfect view, and your budget is more than 500 thousand dollars, we can search to find a suitable option for you, but if your budget is less than that, it is better not to look for a villa in the first place and choose a property that meets your needs in an integrated residential complex with services.

We hope that saying this does not push you to make more effort to search for the needle in the hay, but rather to realize that the months you spent or will spend searching for a villa close to the center of Istanbul with a low budget will be just a waste of time.

We are real estate consultants here with 9 years of experience, and if the villa you are looking for exists, we will be the first to present it to you and advise you.

What are the pros of owning a villa in Istanbul?

  • Owning your own land area, private pool and garden that you can control.
  • Having several floors in your villa, which provides more privacy.
  • The luxury you will get will be of a better standard like a large kitchen and spacious rooms that are appropriately divided for you.

What are the negatives of owning a villa in Istanbul?

  • Villas near the center are relatively expensive.
  • The villa is a non-investment project and it is difficult to resell it later.
  • You will need several people for the purpose of protection and cleaning, while in the residential complexes, these services will already be secured with the project.

When do you recommend buying a villa in Istanbul?

  • If the purpose of buying it is clear from the beginning and the existing budget is suitable for obtaining a villa with high specifications.
  • If you do not intend to sell it later in the short to medium term.
  • If privacy is the most important criteria you have to buy a property in Istanbul.

What is the alternative to buying a villa in Istanbul if the budget is less than half a million dollars?

There are residential complexes with a relatively small number of units and with charming views at the same time, with high finishing and integrated services. We find buying a 3 or 4 bedrooms apartment is the best alternative to buying a villa, and it is worth noting that this budget is enough to get a very special apartment as in the pictures below, for example:

Or an example from a ready to move project:

Do not let the vary options in the market cause you confusion, contact us and tell us your request and budget, and we will provide you with the most suitable offers, whether for villas or apartments.