One of the best things about the internet is that you don’t have to go out to shop anymore. This technology, which has been shown in our TVs for a while and tells the future through humor, has become a reality today. Thanks to shopping sites suitable for different purposes, you can buy any product from different product groups, from books to diapers, from daily shopping to clothes. This strengthens our search for the best shopping site. We also took a closer look at these sites with a list of the top 10 shopping sites 2020. Here are the best shopping sites.

Some of these sites do not charge shipping fees for their products, or offer big discounts to the market according to their price. Here are the top 10 shopping sites 2020!

1- Hepsiburada, which is one of the most rooted and largest shopping site in our country, is a website where you can find products from almost every category, as the name suggests. Therefore, it finds itself in the list of the best shopping sites.

It is possible to buy diapers from this website, as well as a smartphone. In addition, the company, which recently started Hepsiexpress service, allows you to select the delivery date in certain regions and deliver the product to you very quickly. You can click the link below for Hepsiburada, which is among the top 10 shopping sites.


2- Amazon

Amazon, one of the largest e-commerce formations in the world, has been operating in our country for a while. You can buy everything you need on Amazon, which meets the needs of consumers in many different product groups. A wide range of products, from electronics to personal care, from laptop to fashion, are waiting for you. You can browse the link below for Amazon, which is among the best shopping sites.

3- Yonka Müzik Market

Yonka Music Market, which offers solutions in the sound and light systems category in line with the needs of state institutions and corporate companies, conveys the right information to its customers in the easiest way with its specialist support team assigned to consumers. It is possible to reach hundreds of products related to sound and light systems on the website.



MediaMarkt operating in the retail sector, as users of products all over Turkey through the Internet site, thus reaching with one click. It is possible to find all the products in MediaMarkt stores on the website. The website, which includes many products in different categories, brings consumers to products at affordable prices with campaigns organized from time to time.

5- Aliexpress, which is a China-based website where you can buy many products at very affordable prices, is often preferred especially for electronic parts. Thanks to Aliexpress, we can order many electronic products such as chargers, cables and USB adapters at a very affordable price and with a free shipping option. Of course, it should not be forgotten that the shipments took between 15 and 50 days to arrive.

6- Kitapyurdu is one of the most successful sites focused on a single subject. It is possible to reach the products that were printed years ago as well as the latest works on this site, which only sells books.

7- GittiGidiyor

GittiGidiyor, which is now an eBay organization, is a website where you can find both zero and second-hand products and includes products in almost every category.

The best shopping sites

We continue our article, which we listed as the top 10 shopping sites. Let us remind you that there is a bonus at the end of the list.

8- eBay

Although it has been a little difficult for us to shop after PayPal has been closed in our country, eBay is one of the names that are among the best shopping sites in the world globally.

9- Morhipo

Focusing on the clothing category with its website and mobile application, Morhipo is one of the websites that can be preferred for clothing shopping with its different campaigns.

10- Çiçeksepeti

Çiç is the most preferred website of our country to send both flower and edible snacks.

11- N11

with their campaigns and featured in recent years in the field of electronics products sold by hosting the official site in Turkey stands out as N11.Co I, without a doubt one of the most preferred shopping sites in the country.

Bonus- Boyner

There is also a bonus in our list of top 10 shopping sites. is one of the websites on the best shopping site list. It is possible to find products such as perfumes and accessories in Boyner, which generally focuses on clothing.