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The trade balance in Turkey is considered a loss during the past few years, for one very important reason which is the energy materials that play the main role due to the fact that Turkey is unable to extract, according to the Lausanne Agreement .As an example, in January of 2023, the total imports of Turkey amounted to 33 billion and 606 million dollars. If Turkey managed today to extract the underground resources in a sufficient and wide manner, it would not only dispense with 26% of the important bill, but it could also increase its exports in the field of energy.

Nowadays real estate investors are of two types:

  • A group who are waiting for the results of the elections on May 14th, 2023 (according to the current date), and based on those results, they will take their next step.
  • And another group who are expanding their investments from now on with the aim of starting to receive results after the elections.

It is necessary to discuss some basic ideas before determining which type of real estate investor is the best way to deal with this current situation.

Will the election results will help to increase or reduce the real estate prices in the market? 

It is obvious and certain that real estate prices in a wide market such as the Turkish market depend fundamentally on the theory of supply and demand, therefore prices will not rise unless demand increases and prices will not decrease unless demand decreases.

As discussed in some of our previous articles that the percentage of local investors who buy new real estate is not less than 96% of the total number of sold property percentage, thus, the share of foreigners does not exceed 4% at best.The election event for the Turkish investor will not affect his investment plan because Turkey is a democratic country and certainly the political party that will win, will have obtained the largest percentage of the people’s votes, in this manner, there is no other choice for the winning party except to present its best to mountain its position in the next elections.But this year, as we mentioned before, will be a very important year for Turkey in terms of economics. Economic development will necessarily be followed by an increase in demand for real estate, and this means an increase in prices.Hence, we find that whatever the outcome of the elections, the demand for real estate purchases from Turkish investors will increase and therefore prices will rise according to the theory of supply and demand.

What is the election results affect foreign investors?

Here we discuss two cases:

  • The foreign investor realizes that success in real estate investment begins from the perspective of the local investor in himself and that’s why the foreign investor imitates the local one, in this pattern we figured out that the foreign investor will seek to obtain the Turkish citizenship as a first step if he has an amount of 400 thousand dollars for investment, and also buys in the areas which desired by the local population and if he wants to rent his property he deals with Turkish brokers in order to target the local market. Even when reselling, the way out will be easy for him and he will find that his property is desired by all segments of society, whether Turkish or foreign, successful real estate investment.

This type of investor deals as local citizens deal with the issue of elections, and therefore it is now expanding its investments continuously and will soon reap the results.

  • The foreign investor who insists that he is a foreigner, regardless of the number of his investments in the Turkish real estate market, and even if he has Turkish citizenship, and he considers that everything is temporary in this country the scenario will be as follows:

If the justice and development party led by R.T Erdogan wins: there will be stability and safety in Turkey and then he will start thinking about obtaining an investment property (after prices have risen due to local demand).

Whereas the first section of the investors will have completed the first investment cycle and obtained profits of no less than 50% (contact us to learn more about the investment cycle)

Besides if another party wins the elections: there will be a state of great chaos that will prevail in the country, and foreign investors will be expelled, their nationalities will be revoked, and their real estate and property will be expropriated by the state without mercy…!!!!

Do you think that a developed country with a strict constitution and rigid system can be led to this situation because of the elections?? Of course not, you are dealing with an entire state and a fixed system, not with a specific political party or a specific president in which if it changes, the country will end. The answer is NO. That is not possible.

Are real estate prices in a bubble ?

This question has been asked in the market since the beginning of granting Turkish citizenship in exchange for real estate investment in October of 2018,

And although some of our investors have achieved profits of up to 40% on the basis of the dollar during the past five years, and still some of those, who are interested in investing in real estate yet they are still repeating this phrase without examining the real reasons for its existence or non-existence.

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