in reality, there are more than 200 different factors that affect the process of ranking results by search engines, and therefore if you want your website to be in the first results of search engines, you must improve your website’s online appearance.

Today, we collected 15 must-have SEO keys if you want to compete for results on the first page of search engines.

Fortunately, the ranking factors for Google, which is more than 200 factors, are not equal in importance, so focusing on the 15 factors that we will talk about today are sufficient to dominate search results.

And before we start talking about these factors, we must realize that they are able to change with time and some of them can be of medium importance, become less important or very important, so we tried to focus on the basic factors that develop but do not change radically.

Top 15 SEO Keys to achieve  High Rank in 2020

It is not necessarily ranked in order of importance because the importance of each factor is not declared by the search engines.

When developing your website’s SEO strategy, make sure to pay special attention to these 15 factors, as they are the most important in achieving a good ranking

1- Site security

In 2014, Google began discussing the importance of sites being protected and safe for users. Today, site security has become one of the very basic factors in ranking sites, especially among the first results of search engines.

Website security means using HTTPS encryption, and therefore these sites have an SSL certificate ,with it a secure connection is established between the user and the website,

It is an additional layer of protection when exchanging information between the user and the website.

Search engines want to send their users to reliable sites to maintain their loyalty, and HTTPS encryption indicates to search engines that this site is safe.

To discover this is simple, look at the beginning of the URL link for any page of your site if it starts with HTTP only, this indicates that your site needs an SSL certificate to activate safe browsing, do not underestimate the importance of this factor because with the development that we see in search engines and in the Internet world has become standard Security is a priority for users and search engines, therefore websites can be largely neglected, just because they lack an SSL certificate

2- The ability of search engines to crawl all its pages (Crawlability)

How can search engines ranking a website’s pages  without finding it at all!

Therefore, the ability of search engines to crawl websites is very important, as search engines scan sites in order to review the existing content, so that search engines can understand the content of each page and how they obtain an appropriate rank for its content.

How can Google help in ranking your website?

+ Add a site map to the main search engines

+ Ensure that your site is properly indexed in the Google search console and review the number of pages that Google has reached from your website

+ Use robots.txt thoughtfully to guide search engines about which pages to reach and which pages are not important

3- Mobile-Friendliness

The meaning of your website being mobile friendly is how easy it is to browse it by mobil and how it performs. If the user accesses your website through a mobile device, the design must be responsive to all taypes of the devices used.

And recent statistics have shown that more than 70% of searches that take place over the Internet are through mobile devices and this percentage is constantly increasing, therefore improving the site for mobile devices is important for users so it is important for search engines that are keen to provide the best user experience.

You can check the effectiveness of your site with respect to mobile devices from the following link:

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

4- Page loading speed

It is considered one of the most important factors that is constantly increasing in importance, and it expresses the time required for the page on your website to be completely ready for the user who entered it, slow loading of the page leads to a bad user experience and therefore search engines avoid sites with low speed to load pages,

It is worth noting that this factor is constantly evolving, even if your site gets tested today in the speed test provided by Google PageSpeed ​​Insights tool. This does not mean that this success will remain continuous as search engines are constantly developing algorithms that are able to inspect sites with higher speeds and give them priority in search results because the user today wants to get the information as quickly as possible,

It can be said that developing Google’s algorithms and adding multiple advantages to search engines is one of the most important means that have led to the continued success of the Google search engine versus the corresponding search engines with a lower speed of development.

Now, of course, the important question here will be: How can I increase the speed of my website?

Each of the images and videos has a certain size as it increases as your website slows down. Also, excessive code, website design, and the length of your website pages have a secondary effect on the issue of speed.

Therefore we recommend compressing visual files and not using long pages and non-basic programming instructions.

For example, we chose this simplicity of site and focus on information in order to benefit the reader, away from excessive visual content except when needed.

5- User engagement 

Search engines also depend in ranking results on how users interact with the provided content, so the more positive the interaction, the more search engines give this page a better ranking, and Google has developed an artificial intelligence algorithm dedicated to studying these factors, which are the following:

+Click-through Rate (CTR): It is a percentage that represents the number of times a specific page was clicked divided by the number of times it appeared on search engines

+time that user spends on website: the more time the user visits a website, the stronger this indication of the eligibility of this website for a better ranking in the coming times.

+Bounce rate: It represents the percentage of users who leave website directly and quickly after entering  it, also those who only browse one page of the site, so the Google search engine provided immediate answers to some questions to avoid the high bounce rate of reliable sites

There are some factors that help improve user engagment with your website, including:

+Use a well-designed website in terms of structure and media

The structure of the site should allow the user to easily navigate between pages and easily access any required information

+Internal links between website pages and articles help in improving user interaction with your website, and this in itself requires an in-depth study and a comprehensive plan

+Use the Meta tag & description in a thoughtful, natural and correct way.

+Optimize your content to qualify for featured snippets

6- High quality content

One of the most important ways to increase user interaction with your website and attract search engines to give you a high ranking is to periodically write high-quality content and publish it on your website and social media. Content is undoubtedly the most important factor in SEO that affects the ranking of sites within search engines. It is now known that search engines classify pages and compare them between each other, and thus the most important thing about pages is high-quality content, and it must be characterized by the following:

+ High quality means offering the user something new that answers the question they are looking for

+ Posting content is as periodic as possible. This will remind search engines of your site again and indicate that you are submitting recent content

+ The division of content within the site should be clear, as any page of the site can be easily accessed from the home page

+The site plan should be completely clear and consistent, and focus on each topic according to its importance to the entire site.

7- Targeting the right keywords

Do not rush to write random content without planning and setting a clear strategy for the future of the content on your site and thus the future of the keywords that will rank to search engines.

Many commercial activities with a high level of competition make the mistake of choosing short high competitive keywords. An example of this is for a new real estate company. Choosing the word: real estate for sale in Turkey, this is a general word and there is a very high level of competition for it and therefore choosing it from the beginning and relying on it in writing content It will not provide any real benefit in appearing among the first results in the search engines, even if the written content is professional and distinctive, instead there are strategies that can be relied upon in the beginning, including:

+Targeting long tail keywords: With the increase in the percentage of voice searches that are done in search engines, people rely on choosing long search words in order to reach a more accurate answer to their request and therefore long keywords (more than 3 words) are no longer an excluded idea, especially in commercial activities. Highly competitive that the new companies will never be able to enter the competition without a properly constructed strategy, this plan is also not random, but rather is developed based on a study not only of commercial activity but also of time and competitors in the same field on the same keywords.

+Understanding the intent of the researcher behind the keyword used: With the development of Google’s algorithms, the search engine has become able to understand the user’s intention and intent to search for a specific keyword, so if you put yourself in the place of your potential customer and think about the things that will attract his attention and write content about it, you will get additional visits from Search engines are for people looking for content who do not know exactly what it is, but the appearance of your new article title has alerted them to the importance of this point, an example of this is also in the real estate field when a client searches for how to buy a property in Spain. If you write content that includes this process in addition to that,  indicated In the title Learn about real estate taxes to own a property in Spain, you thus understand the intention behind the customer’s question and thus he will click on your content.

+Choosing keywords with competition appropriate to the size of your business: If your website is one of the oldest and strongest sites that share with you in the same field, you can apply and choose general and highly competitive keywords, but when there are at least 20 sites better than your website here, it is not recommended to choose general words (Here we are talking about the strength of websites in terms of their presentation, content and backlinks, and we do not talk about the size of the company’s commercial activity in terms of the number of employees and profits)

Because it is difficult to reach a result after 20 in the search engines, and even if a customer reaches your website after the result of 20, he will be at least a subscriber with 10 of your biggest competitors, so it is always better to strive for a ranking with keywords on the first page of search engines and with progress Your website you can choose more general words.

But the question here is how will I know the strength of the competition for any keyword?

You have a simple and fast solution, and it is by obtaining a consultation from an e-marketing expert who specializes in the field of SEO.

Or the long solution, which is to experiment on your own for each proposed word and follow the strength of the sites that get a high rating in them, this of course if you know the strength of your website and the competitors well, but in the event that you do not know this, it is better to start a marketing plan from scratch with a specialized person In the field because the foundation stage is will rule the later stages.

8- optimized content

Optimizing internal SEO for website or on-page seo is very important in getting a high ranking within search engines, the main goal of internal SEO is to clearly organize your content for search engines and focus on a keyword for every page of your site without Repeatedly, choosing internal SEO criteria for each page of your site greatly affects not only the appearance of your site’s pages on search engines, but also to increase the CTR ratio, which means increasing the number of clicks on your site in relation to the number of times your site appears on search engines, for example if it is CTR It is 3%, which means that for every 100 impressions of your site you get 3 clicks, which is a very important factor in SEO, the more it increases, the more it gives a clear indication to search engines that your site deserves to be in a higher ranking, and if your site is in the first result, it deserves to remain with it.

9- Structured data

This is an advanced stage of SEO, which is the use of schema tags to accurately plan the content of your site for search engines, and in fact, with the development of search engine algorithms, the importance of these tags decreases. Search engines prioritize these results in order to appear in the first results if the search process aims to find the most recent results.

Also, the importance of these signs appears by focusing on important points within the content and keywords, and thus reinforces the previous point that we talked about.

10- Consistent Business Listings

Search engines tend to rank reliable, strong and trustworthy sites first, so each additional appearance on the Internet is a signal to search engines about the importance of this website and its eligibility to appear more times within search engines, therefore periodic publication on the website and the social media is very important in obtaining a rating Consistently high.

One of the very important tools to achieve this is google my business, which is a free tool from the Google search engine that allows businesses to publish content for free to appear in search engines along with other results

Be aware of the following when creating your Google my business account:

+Posting your content on a regular basis, as it is an effective and free marketing method

+Correctly write your business name, address and contact numbers

+Update business hours to truly correspond to real business hours

+Choose the right major from among the available commercial activities, and this will help Google to show the right results to users.

11- backlinks profile

backlinks are the second most important factor in SEO after writing professional content, and they are a clear indication for search engines of the validity and reliability of the page that you refer to by obtaining a high rating within the search engines. There are conditions for useful backlinks  :

+they are from old and high reliability sites

+It must be from sites with the same niche as or close to the site that you refer to

+The more they are within these specifications and are linked to the same page, the better the effect

+The more links-granting site gives links to fewer sites, the better and stronger the value of these links

+These links should look natural like the guest blog post or any other format. You can review the complete external links directory

12- Age of Domain

It is an important factor since the old, and now its importance decreases with the development of Google’s algorithms, but still all search engines believe that the old sites deserve to be ranked higher within the search engines, and despite the fact that this factor cannot be controlled, it encourages you to create a website for your business that you will start whether current or future from now, and even if you do not want to officially launch the website, reserving the domain and showing the website online is important for the future and has a very acceptable cost

13- Internal links

Here we mean the links between the pages of the website itself, and although its effect is secondary for the sake of search engines, it helps the user who browses your website to find what he wants within several pages and spend a longer time, this in itself helps search engines understand that your website has excellent content and deserves Get a better ranking within the search engines

Notes on internal links:

+They should be used in moderation and not excessive, otherwise this will distract your visitor and exit your site

+They should be natural, beneficial, and not primarily intended to promote your products or services

+There is no problem in linking external websites with your content, this is an indication that your website includes references that help the visitor obtain the required information.

14- Landing pages

The landing page is a separate page from the site , it is specializes in a specific service or product. Advertising campaigns are often carried out with the aim of attracting visitors interested in this service or product for this particular page. Sometimes, landing pages can achieve a good ranking within the search engines and for customized keywords. backlinks to these pages are not wrong, on the contrary, it is better to strengthen these pages for the sake of your keywords that you target in Google ads. Remember that the success of SEO for a specific keyword means that you save every click that you pay to Google  ads and get it for free from SEO.

15. Get the feature snippet

It is an information box that usually appears within the first search result within Google. The Google search engine believes that the answer that the visitor is looking for is within this box, and therefore if the researcher’s request for a quick answer he will see it directly in front of him, but if he wants to enter into the details he can click on This result and read the entire content.

Some marketers believe that what google did by creating this feature is damaged websites, as the user gets the answer immediately without clicking on the result, and this is in fact sometimes true, but remember that the user is looking for very specific information such as how old is the current US president if he does not see a box The information will enter the first result and as soon as he gets the answer, he will leave the page immediately and thus the bounce rate will be very high, and this will harm the ranking within the search engines.

What are the types of feature snippets?

1 – An answer to a definition of something the user is searching for

2- An enumeration in the form of a list to accomplish something

3- A table containing information on a topic of interest to the user

How do we get a feature snippet?

1- Your website must be properly configured for search engines, and for that, search engines will understand your content

2- When you are creating content, try to remember the types of feature snippets and thus help search engines choose your content

3- In order to define something, move away from feelings and personal opinion and make the content academic and scientific as possible. This will help get the first type of feature snippet.

4- Write periodic content, this will no doubt help increase your chances of obtaining it

5- Check the results that actually include the feature snippet and create better content from it. If the keyword is really important to you, it is better to build backlinks to improve this page, and with time the result will be satisfactory.