Today, you can own shares in the international brand Sheraton by buying a luxury hotel apartment in Istanbul with the aim of investing and getting a net dollar return. You can also use this apartment to get a daily lifestyle with well-known 5-star hotel services.

Location: Istanbul, Bahcesehir, near Akbati Mall, the most famous in the region

Land area: 7600 square meters and the project is a single tower consisting of 40 floors

Real estate distribution in the tower:

The basement contains 40 shops

+ VIP meeting room

+4 floors dedicated to offices and includes 110 offices

+10 floors of the Sheraton Hotel includes 268 hotel apartments with options ranging from one room to two bedrooms and a hall. For those wishing to obtain larger spaces, the apartments can be combined

+ Two floors for social facilities such as clubs, sauna, hammam and gymnasiums

+20 floors of apartments with the same finishing without hotel services

+ Floor dedicated to exhibitions

+ Helicopter

Number of elevators:

21 elevators, 7 of which are only for hotel apartments offered for investment.

number of entrances:

3 entrances, one for the hotel, the other for apartments, and the third for offices independently.

Now we come to the important question: Why invest in the Sheraton Tower:

+The Sheraton Hotel now offers a rental guarantee of 7% for a period of 3 years on hotel apartments in dollars. This guarantee has sound investment bases, and therefore after the end of this period, the investor will be able to obtain a high return even without a guarantee.

+This brand, which was built in 1933, is able to market itself, whether for rent or when you want to resell at a later time.

+The most prominent five-star hotel in the whole region and therefore will be the first choice for businessmen and those who want luxury tourism.

+The project is ready immediately for the start of investment and realizing the rental return.

+The lease guarantee opportunity is due to the fact that the project is under construction, but now it can be canceled at any time, so it must be seized before it is too late.

+The hotel is relatively close to the new Istanbul airport, and this adds to it an advantage over other hotels in the city center and even the other Sheraton Hotel in Bakirkoy.

+Managing this investment is much easier than managing ordinary apartments for annual or tourist rental.

+The presence of the project in an area far from the center of Istanbul, some may consider it a negative point in terms of the strategic location, but in reality it is positive that the investment is a hotel apartment and in the center of Istanbul there are many luxury hotels and therefore the supply is much, but in the Bahcesehir area there are few hotel apartments with this This means that the demand will be high.

+Investors in Sheraton will receive a marriott bonvoy credit card, which will give them a 35% discount on any hotel under the Sheraton chain in the world and also priority in reservation.

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