The implementation of SEO randomly, if it does not harm your site, it will not benefit it, and the SEO plan is very similar to the construction plan for buildings. Choosing keywords from the beginning wrong means building a backlink for wrong keywords and thus the final results will be unsatisfactory.

The SEO plan begins not by identifying the keywords that you want your business to get a high ranking in, but rather from the keywords that users and customers want to search for within search engines and getting to know your business through them, also these keywords must fulfill several conditions we mention :

+Be related to your business from first, second or third degree

+Have the appropriate monthly searches

+To have close synonyms that can be used in the future

+Suitable for the authority of your domain and the degree of competition

Then you must write professional content that includes these keywords appropriately, then build a backlink with the quantity and quality appropriate to each keyword in terms of its importance for your business and the amount of competition for it.

Finally, analysis and evaluation of results, there is no value to any plan without reports and evaluation of performance because SEO is a continuous race between you and your old and new competitors ,therefore you always need to monitor everyone’s movement

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