If you do not have a strong background about real estate investment in Istanbul, then most likely you have not heard of Topkapi before, except as a tourist destination that includes the Topkapi Palace, the seat of the Ottoman Caliphate, and from this palace decisions were issued that changed the course of the world for 400 years.

As for real estate investment in Istanbul, the Topkapi region has many qualifications that we will discuss now and then review the most important projects currently in the region.

Topkapi is an area divided into several municipalities, namely: Fatih, Zeytinburnu, a small part of Bayrampasa, and therefore it does not constitute an independent municipality. We will find on the title deed of its real estate the name of one of the above municipalities.

Why is Topkapi an attractive investment destination?

1- Easy access to important monuments such as Sultan Ahmed, Hagia Sophia, Al-Fateh Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Galata Tower in Taksim and many others, so it is desirable for investment in the form of hotel apartments targeting tourists throughout the year with very high returns.

2- The central location on the E5 highway, through which the Boss metro line passes between the Asian and European sides of Istanbul and works around the clock, the metro line that reaches the Başakşehir area and the former Istanbul airport, Ataturk Airport, the tramway line connects between Beşiktaş to the central Bagcilar area European Istanbul, and a second tram line that connects the Topkapi to the Sultan Ghazi Marmara region, to the Eyup region.

We did not talk here about dozens of buses that connect all sides of Istanbul to each other and pass from the Topkapi, so it is an excellently serviced area and investment in it is profitable, whether for rent or the increase in the value of the property itself after several years due to its strategic location, which is becoming increasingly important with the expansion of Istanbul east and west .

3- It includes 7 universities, although geographically it is not a large area and includes dozens of schools for different stages of study, some of which are public, including international schools, and therefore they are very desirable for housing by families who have children in schools or universities. On the other hand, they are perfectly serviced for transportation, and this means The demand for it is high, especially since it is considered a central area with very reasonable prices compared to the areas of Sisli, Maslak and Nisantasi, and therefore it is desirable by tenants and even investors later. You can resell your new property to them after several years with high profits.

4- It includes an area full of green spaces and therefore the option of housing for those wishing to obtain calm and purity in the center of Istanbul is available. In the long term, and when you rent a property in a family area, the tenant will continue with you because he has established his social relations, neighbors, and lifestyle that suits him, and from here we find that there is no fear of a property like this remaining without renting.

5- It includes an old industrial area with centers of huge companies such as Mercedes and Ulker Chocolate, but with the urban expansion in Istanbul, these factories must be moved outside the city and thus create a few new projects, meaning a cheap meter price for a project under construction in a fully serviced central area and This means a very profitable investment. Contact us for details.

Investment projects in the Topkapi region 2021:

1- Topaz Topkapi . project

  • The project includes a building suitable for offices or housing and hotel apartments, and thus a small number of units and high rental returns for offices and hotels.
  • The project is under construction and will be delivered in the middle of 2022 and therefore there is a price increase of not less than 30% upon delivery.
  • The project is in the middle of two T.C. universities. İstanbul Yeni Yüzyıl Üniversitesi and Istinye University.
  • It is less than 300 meters from the E5 motorway and therefore easy to reach and at the same time maintains a distance to protect residents from noise.

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2- bakirci topkapi . project

  • A project similar to the advantages of the previous project in terms of location and different from it in some points:
  • The options start from two rooms and a hall up to 4 rooms and a hall and therefore it is a family residential and is suitable for those wishing to invest through the rental return in the long term
  • Farther from the highway to ensure a higher degree of calm for permanent residents.
  • The surrounding neighborhood has a more quiet residential feel than it is commercial and this is required in projects targeting families

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3- bayaz topkapi . project

  • The project is ready for housing and is suitable for those wishing to invest by obtaining an immediate rental return without waiting for the project to finish construction.
  • The project is relatively close to the industrial area and therefore the chances of renewing the neighborhood are high, and this will give it a higher value.
  • Attractive prices in proportion to the fact that it is ready for housing.

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