Who among us does not know Cevahir Mall in Sisli or the shopping street in Nisantasi, and who has visited Istanbul even once, must have known Zorlu Center Mall and the famous Trump Tower in Sisli.

From the tourist attractions, we go to the investment importance of the Sisli area, what are its divisions, what are the elements of real estate investment in it, and is it generally considered a good investment area or not with the reasons, this is what we will talk about in today’s article.

What are the divisions of Sisli region?

1- Shopping Street in Nisantasi in a shopping district:

It is considered the most luxurious street in all of Istanbul and includes the most expensive real estate prices ever, as well as rent prices, due to the high demand for this area in all seasons of the year by rich and famous businessmen. Nisantasi includes many luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Vaco Prada and many others, we will not go into the geographical details, they are everywhere and we will focus in this article on the investment importance of the region later.

2- Bomonti region:

It is a very old area in the center of Sisli and includes luxurious towers with attractive views of the Bosphorus and the historical city on the other hand. An area in which reconstruction is taking place, and this is what makes it attractive for investment, as we will talk later.

3- Buyukdere area:

It extends along the E5 highway, which includes the most important means of transportation, the metrobus, which operates around the clock, as well as a metro line that will reach Istanbul’s new airport and includes tower projects with direct views of the Bosphorus, and also includes Trump Towers.

It includes some other areas that do not interest us in today’s topic and we will immediately start discussing

The investment importance of Sisli region:

  • The strategic and central location, it is located above the municipalities of Besiktas and Beyoglu and south of Kait Hane and at the same time close to Levent, the business center, in the east the Eyup municipality and the Gulf of the Golden Horn, and in the west, the extension of Besiktas, adjacent to the Bosphorus Strait, extending from Sisli to Sariyer and Maslak for easy access. Also, Taksim Square is located Exactly near the war zone of Sisli and also there is a fast tunnel from the Bomonti area that immediately reaches Taksim Square, and therefore Sisli in general is the most important central area in Istanbul because it combines the proximity to important areas and also its location on the E5 highway, which facilitates access to any of the parties Istanbul In addition to the presence of two metro lines, one of which reaches Taksim Square and the main port in Yenikapi and the other reaches the center of Istanbul and will be extended to reach the new Istanbul Airport, to be the main airport metro.

In the picture above, we can see the first Hilton hotel, which is a wide building with few floors, located in the war zone of Sisli, and it is not the large Hilton Hotel in Sisli Bomonti.

The tunnel between Bomonti and Taksim was built in 2008

One of the important tower projects in Sisli, on the left is the E5 highway.

  • The municipality of Sisli includes the Nisantasi area, which has a well-known shopping street. The investment importance in Nisantasi seems to be in a very high demand for rent, and it includes very few options for sale, so selling and rent prices are high, and rental returns are considered the highest in Istanbul.
  • What gives importance to this area is the old and upscale character of its buildings. So what if we say that there is a new project in this wonderful area with a hotel concept of an international brand? Can you imagine the combined investment advantages in this project? For more information, you can read: Ritz-Carlton apartments for sale in Istanbul, Nisantasi
  • Sisli municipality includes the Bomonti area, which is characterized by being on a high hill and therefore its new towers have charming views of the Bosphorus, and also most of Sisli municipality buildings are old and therefore the high demand is for the rarest commodity, which is the luxurious new towers because of their high-quality finishes and wonderful views of the Bosphorus and the old city And the forests in the path.
  • Investment in it is profitable, especially in projects under construction because there are no available spaces for new projects and therefore old projects are reconstructed one by one, and thus the demand remains high and this achieves great gains for investors even before the project is delivered, and after delivery there are high rental returns due to the great demand for These apartments, you can read more about the best project currently under construction in the Bomonti area: the investment in the Rotana project in Istanbul
  • In the municipality of Sisli, Buyukdere Avenue, there is one new project in the whole area, which is parallel to Trump Towers, and has a special entrance to the Metrobus station, the most important transportation line in Istanbul. An office in a tower like this is really ideal to be the headquarters of a large company, and this means a high rental return. The project is also characterized by the following specifications:

1- It has five floors with common terraces that any of the residents can use or reserve and receive guests in.

2- The views of the Bosphorus start from the lower floors, as the project is built on a high hill

3- There is a tower dedicated to offices separate from the residential towers, and thus this ensures privacy and tranquility for the residents and a professional appearance for the office tower and companies

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