If we asked which of the pictures below is the Maslak area, what would your answer be?

The obvious answer for most investors who visited Istanbul by Maslak is at the Istanbul Valley, and therefore the second picture is the one that represents Maslak.

In fact, the answer is that the first picture represents the Maslak area, while the second picture belongs to an area called Seyrantepe, which includes the Istanbul Valley, and both Maslak and Wadi Tebe belong to the huge municipality of Sariyer, as in the image below:

The Seyrantepe district, which includes the Istanbul Valley, is located in the southwest of Sariyer municipality and is relatively close to the Maslak district, which is the modern business center of Istanbul and is originally an extension of the Levent district, which includes the centers of large companies and international banks.

Seyrantepe was distinguished not only by the presence of a mall and the Istanbul Valley project with stunning views of the Belgrade forests, but also by the presence of several projects around it that were very suitable for investment when it was under construction and the investment line shown in the picture below was very profitable during the past few years:

Does this mean that Maslak or Seran Tepe is no longer suitable for real estate investment in 2022 and beyond?

Of course, it will remain suitable for real estate investment, but for the long term, as the projects under construction were bringing great profits in the past years, and the price of the property under construction could double within a year and a half. Today, we are talking about an investment in ready-made projects, which is the rental return, which will annually be about 6% of the price Real estate, and this is above average for the rental return in Istanbul, and most importantly, the demand is high for the Maslak and Seran Tepe areas. Therefore, when you want to resell, you will be able to sell your property and get the investment amount you started in in foreign currency or slightly higher.

What are the advantages of Seran Tepe Investment Zone?

Seyrantepe includes a few projects and is characterized as a limited area in the forests of Belgrade, and therefore there are no permits for construction in the future, which ensures that the view of the forests will continue even after tens of years. The demand is high as it is a modern area with a metro and the E80 highway, and also took the character of business in addition to housing, and therefore many small and medium companies established their offices in Seyrantepe.

Who does not like the view of his office to be like the picture above, and how much this will give a strong impression of the company in front of its customers.

Thus, we can summarize the advantages of the Seran Tepe investment zone as follows:

  • Construction is almost finished in the area and therefore there is no possibility of many new competing projects being available later.
  • Guaranteed views of Belgrade forests and fresh air
  • Close to the E80 highway, which makes it easy to reach all areas of Istanbul
  • It includes a metro station that connects to the center of Istanbul, Taksim Square
  • Suitable for long-term investment by leasing with high return
  • It includes not a small number of foreigners and therefore it is easy to rent or sell it to foreigners and achieve higher profits.

If you are interested in owning in this area, we recommend that you read the following article: Vadi Istanbul apartments for sale

What are the advantages of investing in the Maslak area?

It is a fully-developed area that is classified as a high-end place because it is close to the Bosphorus and is full of green spaces and gardens, inhabited by the rich and famous, and includes high and elegant towers.

These are the high-end residential complexes in Maslak, plenty of green spaces, swimming pools, playgrounds, and a relatively few residential buildings with an effective 24/7 security system. They are generally considered suitable for housing for lovers of this lifestyle and suitable for long-term investment.

What are the investment advantages in the Maslak 42 project?

  • The project has views of the Bosphorus and the Belgrade forests from another side
  • Close to the well-known Istinye Park Mall in the Maslak area
  • It has a full-service mall on the first four floors
  • High-quality finishing and premium materials used in construction
  • Relatively high rental yield

The summary about the Maslak area is that it is suitable for housing for those who wish to obtain a lifestyle with high standards. As for the investment, it is exclusively long-term through the high rental return.

Also, if we compare Seran Tepe with a path, the preference is for Siran Tepe because the prices per square meter are lower, and it is the newest area and the closest to the forests.

What about the rest of Sariyer municipality?

We have the Bebek area immediately on the Bosphorus, which includes very luxurious palaces and a gathering for the very wealthy class of Istanbul residents. As for real estate prices in it, it is possible to rent a two-room apartment and a hall with a partial Bosphorus view at a price of more than one million dollars, and therefore it is more suitable for housing than investment (unless the investor has A very clear plan to get a viable investment)

We have a Zekeriyakoy area with beautiful villas and houses with wonderful views of the forests, which is relatively far from the center of Istanbul and more preferred for the wealthy who want to spend a summer vacation and enjoy the peace and fresh air.

Prices in Zekeriyakoy are more appropriate than Bebek, as it is farther from the Bosphorus, and a beautiful two-room apartment can be obtained at a price of less than half a million dollars.