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Today’s article, in which we will answer the most frequently asked questions by customers, whether they are publicly explicit or implicitly unannounced, and in both cases we will provide satisfactory answers to these questions and start immediately with the basic question:

How much do real estate marketing companies charge commissions in Turkey?

Before we answer this question with the numbers that everyone is waiting for, it must first be clarified that the Turkish real estate market is completely similar to any commercial market in the world. (No matter what charade the sales office will make when you visit alone and claim to have given you an extra discount etc.)

This is because every group of projects is managed by a project marketing company, and therefore even if the real estate marketing company makes the first sale in a project, it will get an exclusive price due to its sales in other projects, and therefore real estate marketing companies get an exclusive price that they offer to the customer, he will not find cheaper than him if he visits the project on his own .

Within this exclusive price, there will be a commission for the real estate marketing company, and therefore the customer does not actually pay the commission to the real estate marketing company, but the real estate developer who owns the project is the one who pays it, and upon realizing this point fully, the customer will be assured that the prices offered by the real estate brokerage company are not higher than the prices Which he can get when visiting the project himself.

There are many services provided by brokerage companies that you can read in detail by returning to our previous article about real estate prices in Istanbul.

Now we must realize that providing high-quality services, distinguished real estate tours, and well-thought-out and useful content. All of this requires not insignificant expenses, and it needs a professional team that must be paid high wages, and this does not harm the customer himself because he does not pay anything extra, but explains the reason for giving relatively high commissions. For real estate marketing companies by the developer responsible for the project.

As for the numbers, we cannot share an exact number because it differs from one project to another, but we can say that the commission in the Turkish local market is 3% paid by the buyer and 3% paid by the seller to the real estate broker, and sometimes it is agreed on less than this percentage, and sometimes it is rare that it is agreed upon at a higher rate.

In conclusion, if you want to establish a real estate marketing company in Turkey and wish to obtain the necessary consultations and studies, you can contact us to obtain a non-free consultation. If you want to own a property in Istanbul for the purpose of housing or investment, contact us to obtain a free consultation and provide the right one for you.

Why don’t real estate marketing companies share the final prices of real estate publicly?

In every video on YouTube or an advertisement on social media or any other social media platform, when a project is presented, we find tens and sometimes hundreds of comments that ask about the price, and the owners want to get the exact price, and they are not satisfied with getting the initial prices, so what is the point of not announcing the exact final price?

First, if you see a real estate broker who talks about a project and offers you the final price of the apartment immediately, make sure that this broker is either trying to deceive you or is a novice in this field, because the final price depends on many things. We will mention the most important of them:

  • Not only the number of rooms in the apartment, but also its total area and division.
  •  Not only the floor you chose, but the price also depends on the side of the apartment and its view.
  • Not only the payment plan affects the price of the apartment, but also the type and flexibility of this plan
  • The price of the apartment also affects your presence at the negotiating table and preparing the reservation amount to notify the seller that you are a serious customer and thus encourage him to give you the best discount or the best payment plan that suits you.
  • Real estate prices in the projects are updated semi-monthly and therefore there is no point in obtaining a final price today for an apartment that you will come to buy after two months
  • Selling real estate is a flexible process and requires a skilled negotiator. If you are given a certain price, the seller may not accept it later, or you can be given a final price if the consultant does more negotiation to get a better price from him

So what is the solution ? The solution is simply that you are satisfied with obtaining an initial price to get an idea of the prices of the project you are asking about. When making a purchase decision, ask for a final price on the project that you completely liked with your willingness to make an immediate decision after receiving the offer for the final price because it is often given an offer valid for one day only.

How do I guarantee my rights after the sale?

Whether the intent of the rights after the sale is to obtain Turkish citizenship or in general by managing the property efficiently, opening electricity, water and Internet meters, and assistance in furnishing the apartment and decorations, the answer to all of this is the real guarantees written and signed by the company you deal with.

Many real estate marketing companies during real estate tours with the client answer yes to each of the following questions:

  • Will your company rent my apartment after purchase?
  • Will you provide me free after-sales services?
  • Do you have an experienced lawyer who is able to grant me Turkish citizenship legally, soundly and free of charge?
  • Do you have a department specialized in apartment decorations and furnishings?
  • Do you have free airport shuttle services every time I come to Istanbul?

In fact, the services of this company are limited to the first item only, or sometimes they do not exist at all. The strange thing is that the answer is yes from the sales official, the customer feels comfortable and confident and buys the property in the hope of achieving all the previous points and others for free!!

 On the other hand, some customers exaggerate their requests, even if the companies they deal with are professional ones. How can you secure a transportation to and from the airport every time you come to Istanbul?! Or how to request translation services from the sales official for personal purposes of the client?! These are all real examples that we encountered during our long experience in the market.

In conclusion, ask the company you are dealing with an official signed document that explains the services it provides after the sale, what services it provides in a paid manner, and what are the free services.

I bought a property myself and consulted my lawyer, but I was deceived, what to do?

If your lawyer is not Turkish with long experience in the field of real estate, there is absolutely no point in consulting him because the contracts offered by some projects preserve the rights of the seller and do not care about the rights of the buyer. Also, some real estate marketing companies are trying to persuade the client to transfer money to their own account to pay the developer instead Sometimes these fake companies disappear after receiving the amount, and there is no solution for that.

The only solution to avoid this point is to hire a professional real estate marketing company with long experience in the market, and since you read this article and made sure that the services that the real estate marketing company will provide for you are very important to you and will not cost you any additional costs, then what is the objection to that?

You can always contact us and get a free real estate consultation.