What is the on-page SEO ?

It is to optimize the content of the site by all possible means for the search engines, including titles , text and visual content, internal links and URL.

Why improving on-page SEO is important?

Because Google and other search engines until today (according to official statements) when ranking the search results are taken into account the addresses of pages that include words matching the user’s query and thus improving on-page SEO is essential to obtain a good ranking within the first search results

What elements of internal seo will be improved?

+ Text and visual content

+ Page titles and articles

+ Internal links within the site

+ URLs

+ Improving user experience

+ website loading speed

+ Analysis of the site’s structure and the interconnectedness between its different levels

+ Response to mobile and tablet devices

+ Improving meta tag and meta description

+ Add schema tags

because of on-page SEO success is considered the basis for the successful implementation of SEO, especially in long term, you can get a free analysis of your website by writing your information below: