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What You Can Learn from 7 Theme Fusion Success Stories

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  • google-algorithm-update

A quick overview on Google’s algorithms

01/05/2020|0 Comments

These days the implementation of SEO is very different from what it was 10 years ago, the reason of this is that search engines are constantly developing algorithms to rank search results in order to provide the best possible user experience, during the past ten years, Google has launched several algorithm's updates with the aim of improving the user experience and organizing Better search results. In today's article, we will list basic updates without lengthy explanation.

  • backlinks 2020

All you need to know about Backlinks full guide 2020

28/04/2020|0 Comments

Backlinks or external links: a direct link from a site that indicates another site. Backlinks are very important in the SEO according to what has been stated by Google officials that Google’s algorithm (which includes more than 200 factors that Google use to classify search results. ) It mainly depends on 3 factors which are content, backlinks, and page rank (an algorithm that helps Google rank search results).

Create ideal Facebook ad

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In social media ads (and Facebook on top ) the companies that own these platforms take care about which are an ideal advertisements that has a sound design and helps the user in understanding the product or service that the advertisement offers.

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