When you are looking for luxury apartments for sale in Istanbul, do you mean luxury in terms of views:

Or for special interior finishes:

Or are you interested in the central strategic location, the wonderful view at the same time, the distinctive finishing and the large areas:

Istanbul includes more than 900 new projects ready for housing or under construction and they are distributed over all areas of Istanbul, a few in the center of Istanbul and the vast majority in the various suburbs of Istanbul, also the luxury of projects is distributed in all areas of Istanbul, the majority of projects are in the center of Istanbul (because the price per square meter is already high and therefore It is better to present a project with high finishing) and the minority in the outskirts of Istanbul.

Thus, if you have special criteria for the luxury that you want your property to enjoy and you are ready to pay a meter price higher than the average area, then you are qualified to get a luxury property in the area you prefer in Istanbul.

And now that we mentioned that the luxury projects are distributed all over Istanbul, it remains to define the different factors of luxury, as some may adopt that luxury is limited to large spaces, another adds to it beautiful views, and a third adds to it the height of the ceiling, so we would like to mention the factors affecting the luxury of real estate in order to remind the customer of all These factors are on the one hand and in order to enable him to properly evaluate the offers submitted to him.

What are the specifications of luxury apartments in Istanbul?

Perhaps you have heard from your friends or researched yourself by communicating with professional real estate brokers and found that some of the common properties in the area have significantly different prices. You think so, perhaps you are right, or the broker is really professional, and we advise you to read a previous article of ours in which we talked about real estate prices in Istanbul, and also: cheap real estate for sale in Istanbul

1- Location

The intended location here is not the area in general, but the neighborhood in particular. For example, Sisli is an independent municipality. The real estate prices in its Nisantasi neighborhood are higher than the rest of the neighborhoods, even for specifications, and therefore this is the first criterion of luxury and the best neighborhood in the region.

2- The view

In the same area of Sisli and Nisantasi, there are properties with a view of the Bosphorus and there are properties with a view of the neighboring neighborhoods, properties with a view are more luxurious and their prices are several times higher, the two pictures below will show the difference.

3- The number of apartments in the building and in the residential complex

The fewer the number of apartments and the wider the green spaces, the greater the luxury, and consequently, these apartments will become closer to being villas, and this means that the prices per square meter in them will be high compared to the tower buildings in the same area and neighborhood.

Please note that the pictures that we choose are only to clarify the point that we are talking about specifically. Therefore, if one of you knows the above projects, he will say that the second project has excellent finishes and is very luxurious, and this is true, but now we are clarifying the idea of the number of apartments in the building and in the project, so we chose these two projects.

4- Materials used in construction and finishing

It is a broad item, so we will mention the related points in the form of a census:

  • Wall thickness and sound insulation
  • How accurate is the sealing of doors, windows and thermal insulation
  • The widening of windows and doors is one of the signs of luxury, especially in projects with beautiful views
  • Quality of marble and flooring used
  • Is there an infrastructure for heating and central air conditioning or not?
  • What is the quality of the electrical appliances that will be delivered?

5- The height of the ceilings

Compare the two pictures below and remember that a higher ceiling means a higher price per square meter for the property:

6- The ratio of green spaces and entertainment facilities to the number of buildings

The fewer buildings and more recreational facilities, the more luxurious this residential project will be, and vice versa. Watch the pictures below:

7- The number of bathrooms in the apartment

The more luxurious the project, the more bathrooms you will find for each apartment, and of course the level of finishing in them will be higher in terms of space and finishes.

8-level of protection and security

There is a big difference between a residential complex with thousands of apartments and a few security and surveillance officials compared to a complex with a few apartments and has a professional team that is really capable of controlling every visitor and controlling the security of the complex completely

9- The quality of the existing facilities

There is a big difference when you pay the monthly maintenance revenues for an uncultivated garden, cleaning services and protection at an average level, and when you pay these revenues for facilities that are worth what you paid for, and this is a very important criterion in the degree of luxury real estate

10- The wide spaces

This is certainly the most important point indicating the luxury of the property, as the spacious areas are not only in the apartment itself or its terrace, but also in the corridors and entertainment facilities and everything that follows that.