The e-marketing plan for any service or product that must pass through the following three stages:

1- Building awareness among the target audience of the brand’s product or service through advertisements to reach the largest possible number of targeted audience.

2- Encouraging this audience to interact with the product or service

3- Generate leads who are really interested in obtaining this product or service.

Most businesses master the first and second stages and upon reaching the lead generation , this step is done in an irregular and random manner.

The issue is not by building a good landing page or making an ads asking the audience to write down their information and requests. because this mainly focuses on quantity not quality, what is the benefit of obtaining 100 leads if none of them understands the advantages of your business, in exchange for 10 leads that have reached them by your advertising message and it turns out  the positives of dealing with you is much better.

To realize this more, let us take the example of real estate companies in Turkey, as there are more than 2000 companies specialized in this field, and therefore it is certain that customers who want to buy a property in Turkey fill out their information with at least 5 companies, and thus you get 100 interested leads that do not mean that you make any profitable converstion . On the contrary,if  you have 10 leads who are able to distinguish your business from the other 5 companies, it is very possible that through them you get two or three deals.

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