two  basic things for ranking in search engines are attractive content and backlinks, and today we find many website owners still suffer from delayed SEO results despite writing hundreds of articles and sometimes thousands also spending a lot of money on purchasing high quality backlinks, so what is the reason for that?

According to a study by Ahrefs that included more than a million web pages, it was reported that 97% of the published content did not reach the first page of Google, even after a full year of publishing this content.

The reason for this is choosing keywords that are inappropriate for the strength and niche of the website, or the other reason is random writing without choosing specific keywords already.

When talking about keywords in a field such as real estate in Turkey, for example, a lot of us comes to our mind words like apartments for sale in Turkey or real estate for sale in Istanbul. In fact, if we do a simple search for these words on Google, we will find that we have a lot of ads on every page of The search results in addition to the presence of dozens of large or old companies occupy not only the first positions, but they can occupy even the number 30 in Google, thus competition for a keyword like this for a startup is only wasting effort and money.

The other option is to choose keywords with little competition, such as buying a property in Istanbul in the Avcılar region. In fact, as principle, this keyword is a long tail keyword and is suitable for startups and may occupy one of the top ten in Google easily so here the owner of the business believes that the time of free leads has started and sales will increase, with the passage of time and despite the fact that his website remains in an advanced result in Google, he does not get a satisfactory result, so what is the reason for that?

the reason is the keyword that was chosen, even if it had a weak and appropriate competition percentage for the startup, however, there is not a sufficient number of searches on it per month and therefore, at best case, a visitor or two can enter the site through it monthly and this of course is not the required.

If we move to a higher stage and reach an digital marketer who is conducting a study to determine the keywords he will choose to write the content here we have two possibilities:

1- The marketer depends on free tools such as google keywords planner and thus the study that was submitted will be inexpensive for the business owner but it is not useful because the free tools are inaccurate and therefore you put your website under the experience of something has not guaranteed results ..

2- The marketer depends on the well-known paid tools worldwide such as Ahrefs or Moz and many others. Therefore, he conducts the required study in addition to practical experience in the field, so the best possible result is obtained.

Note: Remember that the paid tools are worthless (no matter how the producing companies try to simplify their use) if the executor does not has actual and long practical experience in the field.

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