The keyword analysis is a convenient service for companies that have made strides in implementing SEO and now need to assess past results.

Many times we see that a business gets a high ranking for keywords that are not related, and here in the SEO there are two opinions, one of which says that it is important to get a high classification for any keyword and then Google will get to know the website specialization and rank the keywords well. The other opinion emphasizes the importance of quality, not quantity, as it is keen to obtain ranking only for the keywords that directly affect the commercial activity exclusively.

The second opinion is undoubtedly the most dangerous when implemented because it means everything or nothing at all and therefore we do not favor it for new companies that only aspire to reach the first results from Google for any keyword was.

The advantage that we provide in analyzing keywords is not using a paid tool to study the difficulty of each keyword and to develop a plan to move this word to the first results from search engines by writing distinctive content and building the necessary links, even with the importance of these steps we are partially based on and rely entirely on our Long expertise  in the field and a deep analysis of the commercial activity and what are the keywords that may benefit it from the second and third degree.

Through this free service you can get an analysis of the keywords that have achieved ranking on Google, but in order to develop a plan for the keywords we have paid  services at reasonable prices.

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