Instagram ads

With more than a billion monthly Instagram actıve users, its role as a leading advertising platform stands out through several features we wıll mention some ıf the most important of them are:

+The Instagram is a platform that takes care of the visuals more than the written content and therefore the most appropriate for all activities where the focus is on visuals (electronic commerce – fashion – tourism …)

+The Instagram platform is dealing with its ads through the Facebook advertising manager itself, and therefore making a joint announcement on Facebook and Instagram will not cost any increase in effort or budget spent.

+Advertising display options on Instagram are really diverse, from photos to stories, videos, carousal ads, and collect ads for e-commerce, as well as ads that appear to users explring new content to follow.

+The direct messaging feature during the Instagram application is available within the advertising options and therefore you can do your business and manage it completely through the Instagram application alone,

+The direct messaging feature through Instagram to the WhatsApp application is also available and therefore you can immediately obtain the numbers of clients interested in your services and products,

Finally, remember: Creating an ad via social media is not difficult, but the right advertising message and constant follow-up and analysis is what makes the difference between the marketing professional and the normal person.

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