With the advent of the law on obtaining Turkish citizenship in exchange for buying real estate worth 250 thousand dollars, foreign interest in the real estate market seemed to increase steadily, and thus the demand for opening bank accounts for foreigners increased to be able to transfer funds from them to the accounts of construction companies (because according to the citizenship law, payment must be made through Bank transfer) and many customers interested in the Turkish real estate market do not have external bank accounts that accept transfer to Turkey, and therefore they have no choice but to bring their money in cash and open a bank account to transfer this money to the account of the real estate developer and owner of the project.

Documents required to open a bank account:

A valid passport.

The Tax Identification Number of the Republic of Turkey, which can be obtained from the Finance and Tax Office of Turkey.

Proof of address, which is usually accompanied by a recent utility bill or rental contract.

You will also need to complete a signature proof form.

These papers are easy to prepare if the investor is here in Turkey, but what about the investor who wants to complete the online purchase process (and this is possible and used by people who find it difficult to travel to Turkey because of work or difficulty obtaining a visa, and therefore they can obtain Turkish citizenship while in their home country) In this case, the investor needs to open a bank account online without coming himself to Turkey.

In fact, to be fair, Turkish banks will not accept opening a bank account for personal use without the presence of the person concerned, but if there is an investor who is willing to open a bank account and transfer money to Turkey (at least 250 thousand dollars to obtain Turkish citizenship), in this case the banks will accept opening the account online .

We find a lot of questions from students or expatriates about opening a bank account online, and this process will be easy and possible if they obtain a residence in Turkey, but for those coming for the first time, it is necessary to attend in person to open the bank account.

What are the types of bank accounts?

1. Current Account:

The current account allows its users to carry out many banking services such as check book transactions, transfer money, repay loans, pay bills and taxes, pay rents and fees, and exchange between currencies and precious metals.

It also allows depositing and withdrawing funds at any time, but these funds do not result in any profits.

2. Participation Account:

The partnership account is based on distributing the proceeds from profit and loss within the scope of the partnership between the bank and the account holder, as this account operates on the partnership system.

The funds collected from the joint account are used to finance the industrial, commercial, agricultural and service sectors in line with the principles of interest-free Islamic banking.

The most important point in the participatory calculation is not to determine the rate of return at the beginning but to determine the rate of return at the end of the term.

Through the type of sharing and current account, one or more accounts can be opened in various currencies such as the dollar, the Turkish lira and the euro.

3. Gold Current Account:

This type of bank account in Turkey provides an opportunity to limit savings to gold, as some banks provide gold savings and valuation according to metal prices at the time of saving.

Where gold can be used to save and can be bought or sold at any time and at the price at the time, the minimum transaction in these banks has been set at 0.01 grams.

A certificate is issued against the stored gold in banks that provide buying and selling gold, such as the Kuwait Turkish Bank.

Gold can be withdrawn in grams in some branches of banks and ATMs, provided that those banks have real buying and selling operations for gold.

4. Other types of bank accounts:

There are many other types of bank accounts offered by many banks in Turkey such as savings account, insurance account and others.

 What are the best banks in Turkey?

There are many banking banks in Turkey, but it can be said that the most famous banks in Turkey are the following:


Turkish Agricultural Bank – Türkiye Ziraat Bankası

Kuveyt Türk Katılım Bankası

Anadolu Bank – Anadolu Bank

 Turkish Guarantee Bank (Granti Bank) – Garanti Bankası

Turkish Labor Bank (İş Bank) – İş Bankası

 Turkish Halk Bank “People’s Bank” – TÜRKİYE HALK BANKASI

Frequently Asked Questions

How to open an account in HSBC Bank Turkey?

This bank is one of the major banks in the world, which provides financial and banking services, the head office is located in the city of London, and the method of opening the account includes the presence of a tax number, a copy of the passport and residence permit, in addition to filling out the bank form and personal signature.

How to open an account in QNB Turkey?

This bank is one of the major banks in the world, which provides financial and banking services, and the method of opening the account includes the presence of a tax number, a copy of the passport and residence permit, in addition to filling out the bank form and a personal signature, and the minimum amount required to open the account is five thousand US dollars or its equivalent in euros or Turkish lira.

What are the documents required to open an account in Kuwait Turk Bank?

This bank is considered an Islamic bank and does not deal with non-Islamic interests. It also has an Arabic language in the ATM machine and the Internet application. It also has Arabic-speaking employees. To open the account, a valid passport, tax number, and valid residence are required, even if it is not Tourist residence is available, so the address of residence outside Turkey can be installed and translated into Turkish.

Is it possible to open a bank account in Turkey from abroad?

A bank account can be opened in Turkey for non-residents, so that there is no requirement to be in Turkey to complete the process of opening the bank account, by conducting all transactions on the Internet from outside Turkey, which makes opening a bank account in Turkey for foreigners available, but some banks may need a number Turkish mobile phone to send a text message to verify ownership, and in general, some banks help in opening the account.