Choosing the most suitable property in Istanbul today means that if you want to obtain Turkish citizenship and thus buy new properties, it means that you have more than 1,000 new projects suitable for Turkish citizenship.

But if your goal is an investment, the number of these projects decreases to reach 100 projects that are really suitable for investment, and this number is not small at all.

If we add that each project includes at least 20 different options, we will find ourselves in front of 2,000 options, and it is very difficult to choose the best of them.

But if your goal is to buy an old property in order to rent it and get a continuous return as a long-term investment, then you have hundreds of thousands of options here, so how can I choose the best property in Istanbul while I am on a temporary visit?

There are many important points to be determined before your visit to Istanbul, and some important notes that you should take into consideration while you are here to ensure that you really get the best property.

Before visiting Istanbul:

  • Determining the main objective of buying the property, whether it is residential, investment, or a summer vacation home, with the following possibilities distinguished:

1- If the goal is residential, you must have enough space, a suitable neighborhood for you, and transportation that suits your business, schools and universities for your children.

2- If the goal is an investment, you should think about increasing the value of the property when you want to resell it later.

3- If the goal is a summer house, then the view and the area are the most important things when choosing this property.

More than one goal can be combined together, for example, a residential investment means buying a property under construction to achieve a high profit when the construction is completed, after which the investment can be completed or used for housing.

  • Are you interested in Turkish citizenship or not?

If you are interested in Turkish citizenship, you should know that the minimum value to buy a property or a group of properties suitable for Turkish citizenship is 250 thousand dollars, and also you have to pledge not to sell these properties before 3 years, and finally, the payment must be made in full through a bank transfer and it is not possible to pay through installments.

Notes :

1- Any offers for the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship for less than 250 thousand dollars are fake offers that expose you to legal accountability.

2- You, your wife and your children under the age of 18 will obtain Turkish citizenship.

3- The title deed must be present (even if the project is under construction) to be eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship.

There are many important details that you should pay attention to. You can contact us to know them in detail.

  • What is your budget?

Istanbul includes hundreds of new projects and hundreds of thousands of different old options, and therefore prices vary according to the location and features of each property, and there are many influencing factors that you can review in detail through our previous article: Real estate prices in Istanbul.

And therefore, hiding your actual budget will lead to you obtaining real estate that is not suitable for you, no matter who the real estate consultant you contact is a professional.

Sometimes the customer does not have enough information about real estate prices, and therefore the budget that he thinks is appropriate for the property he wants is less than what is actually required, and therefore we find that when making a decision, the customer often buys a property with a value greater than what he initially stated, so what is the solution to avoid this the problem ?

The client can simply tell the real estate consultant that he does not have enough information about the Turkish real estate market and therefore cannot determine his budget. Here, the professional real estate consultant will understand your requirements for the property and then suggest you several options, each with a different budget, and you will become more aware of the different options and their varying prices.

How many brokers should I contact?

In fact, you need the opinion of two or three professional mediators at most, to make the right decision based on collecting several points of view and your personal choice of the most appropriate one.

Does this mean that it is better to only communicate with two or three real estate brokers?

It is possible that the brokers that you started with are not experienced enough and therefore you can evaluate them according to your understanding of the real estate market and the level of information they have shared with you and thus you can replace them until you reach two or three professionals as we mentioned.

You can build a background on the real estate market in Turkey and real estate investment by looking at our blogs, which we strive to make as simple and useful as possible.

While visiting Istanbul:

  • Don’t forget your goal!

You collected the necessary information through several sources and consulted two or three consultants as we spoke previously. Therefore, when you arrive in Istanbul, do not listen to those who send you fake, illogical offers, according to what you collected your information and consulted your professional consultants, but what about the curiosity of the customer to explore these offers, are they really Fake or real?

In fact, you have more than one option to do so:

  • Ask the owner of the fake offers logical questions according to the information you gathered during your search for the best property and compare its answers and their accuracy from the truth.
  • Ask your approved advisor about these offers and do not accept a superficial answer, but ask him to go to the project in which you got fake offers to make sure that these offers are false.
  • Ask the bidder to obtain the final quotations for these offers and send them to you. If he gives you the final prices, this means that these offers are fake (because the final prices for the offers are given in the sales office exclusively in the presence of the customer in person / or online /)
  • Get started with the best advisor

The best advisor is the one who helped you build a correct and logical perception of the Turkish real estate market, whether your goal is residential or investment.

He is the one who shared with you the most appropriate offers for your request, even if they were different from the specifications you set at the beginning, and explained to you the reasons for that, and explained to you that he is surrounded by most Istanbul projects and that he has no difference if you choose any of these projects, but his duty as a professional consultant is to present the correct viewpoint without pressure on you.

He is the one who shared with you the statistics, maps and information in detail, he is keen to convey a correct idea of ​​the Turkish real estate market to you.

 In short, a professional real estate advisor treats you as your real partner in owning this property as if he is buying the property for himself.

  • Meet the rest of the advisors

Although following all the previous steps from the beginning of the article will ensure that the first best advisor you have chosen will be able to offer you the best offers, there is no loss in meeting the rest of the advisors you spoke with before your visit to Istanbul, they also spent time with you and deserve to offer destinations Look at them on the ground no matter what final decision you make.

Reserve the property you think you will buy

Try not to rush on the ground, and ask to visit at least 5 projects before you make a decision to buy the most appropriate property, no matter how extensive your study of the real estate market is, even if from the beginning you visited the best project.

Possible if there are not many options left in the project that you think is better, then you can book this property until you finish your tour and make the final decision, but in general it is better to take your tour after you choose, and in fact the correct real estate tour takes you two days to visit the projects and the third day to make the decision .

To reserve the property, you must negotiate to obtain the final price that will be written on the sales contract, so if you do not think that this property is suitable for you, do not conduct the final negotiation process because it will waste your time.


When you choose the most suitable property and agree on the final price and payment plan, make sure that you choose a professional brokerage company that will follow up its after-sales services, whether by extracting the necessary papers for the property and Turkish citizenship (in case you are interested in citizenship) or even after-sales services such as interior design and help you choose the furniture The right fit for your property at the best price.

The real estate brokerage company is your representative in Turkey during your absence, and therefore your dealings with brokerage companies that do not provide real after-sales services will cost you much more than what a start-up company without services claimed will save you from the price of the property.