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Due to the many rumors about real estate ownership in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular, whether they are positive supportive rumors or negative repulsive rumors, the customer has become confused in finding the right property for his request and his budget, especially since the most prominent purpose of buying real estate in Turkey during the past three years is to obtain Turkish citizenship according to the Turkish government law issued in September 2018 (everyone who buys real estate in Turkey worth at least 250 thousand dollars has the right to obtain Turkish citizenship immediately).

There are some conditions related to this law, such as a pledge not to sell the property (or group of properties) before 3 years have passed, and also the payment must be made in full and the amount cannot be paid in installments, and finally, the money must be sent through a bank transfer, and cash is not accepted.

There are many advertisements for new projects on the Internet, and the number of real estate marketing companies is large, and it is not possible to actually identify the activity of any company or whether it actually includes professional real estate consultants or just large advertisements and poor content.

Here we appreciate all the previous points and are fully aware that many of those wishing to own property have their first goal to obtain Turkish citizenship and they do not have a clear idea of how to invest in real estate in Turkey, and even if their goal is residential, they do not have an idea of the best areas to live in Istanbul or Turkey in general, so Here we will clarify the necessary points while specifying the sufficient time to be able to choose a drug correctly.

What are the main axes that the client must fully realize in order to be able to choose his property correctly?

1- The main objective of buying a property

If your goal is an investment, you must learn about the foundations of real estate investment and the most prominent thing in it is to determine your investment plan and time frame. If your goal is an investment only in order to obtain Turkish citizenship, this means that the real estate you will own can be sold easily after 3 years with the highest possible return (this It is often done in the studied projects under construction).

If your investment goal is long, then the right one for you will be a property with a high rental return as possible, easy to rent on the one hand, and maintain its value after several years when you want to resell it.

If your goal is residential, you must find a property suitable for your needs within the allocated budget, and it must be suitable in terms of location, space, and easy access to your business, schools and universities for your children.

There is no importance in residential real estate in terms of studying the opportunity to resell it soon, because most of the successful residential real estate is within an area where there are many services and therefore many other offers, and this means that resale will not be easy, but what is the importance of that in front of meeting your housing needs.

2- The specified budget for the purchase of the property

If your goal is to obtain Turkish citizenship by buying real estate, here we are talking about

At least 250 thousand dollars, but if Turkish citizenship is not important to you or your budget is less than 250 thousand dollars, this budget must be roughly determined and requests from the real estate consultant within this budget.

Some may say that I do not want to disclose my budget so as not to be deceived by unrealistic offers due to the budget I own. On the one hand, we respect the care that exists among this type of clients because in the end, buying a property is a sensitive process that cannot be tolerated. But on the other hand, when you hide your budget, you will face the following:

  • The real estate consultant will not be able to provide you with the right offers, for example, your real budget is 200 thousand dollars and you disclosed only 100 thousand dollars and asked for an apartment of 3 bedrooms and a hall in an area close to the center of Istanbul, here the professional real estate consultant will apologize to you and will tell you within these Budget You are eligible to get a property within your specifications in the Esenyurt area, west of Istanbul only, and thus he will share offers in an area that does not fit your request and therefore will not reach your goal, while if you disclose your real budget, the real estate consultant will share with you offers close to the center of Istanbul because your budget is suitable for that.
  • Prices are set in the form of fixed lists by the real estate developer, and they are updated bi-monthly or monthly, according to the project. Prices cannot be manipulated and raised to the mood of the person offering you the offers. (Remember here you are going to buy a car. Can you go into the store and advertise half of your budget or never advertise?!)
  • Do not make prices the main focus on any offer you get. You can get a small apartment with an area of 70 meters in a tower in Sisli for half a million dollars, and get a villa of 1000 meters in Buyukcekmece with the same amount. This does not mean that the first offer is high and the offer The second is appropriate.

With time, you will find that the first offer is a desirable investment for rent and will be sold easily after several years for an amount of more than 600,000 dollars, while this villa is not willing to rent it and if you want to sell it, you will have to lose part of the amount you bought it with.

3- The physical and time plan for the purchase of the property

Is it appropriate for you to pay the entire price of the apartment once and get a big discount, or do you prefer paying in installments even if you get a lower discount rate?

Do you intend to buy your property next week, next month, or next summer, or have you not thought about this issue yet?

It is very important to determine the time plan for the purchase, for the following possibilities:

  • If your time plan is to buy after 6 months to secure the required amount or for any other reason, this means that there is no point in getting offers with their exact prices now, because prices are updated on a monthly basis at the latest, and therefore after 6 months the prices will have changed at least 30% and most of the options that got offers will be completely sold out.
  • If your time plan is to buy after two weeks and you do not have prior knowledge about the Turkish real estate market, if you communicate with many companies and get a lot of offers in the result, you will be lost and you will not be able to evaluate the options that were offered to you and choose the most appropriate, it is better to start with A professional real estate consultant has all the answers to your questions accurately and objectively and sequentially with him by identifying the areas first and choosing the specifications of the appropriate project secondly, then choosing the best apartment in the project and the most appropriate for your goal of buying and finally obtaining the final price in order to complete the purchase process.
  • If you do not have a plan at all, which is the most dangerous situation, you will find yourself lost in a large market and you will hear many promises, and it is possible that one of the novice consultants who is skilled only in talking will be able to entice you to buy a property suitable for his interest and not suitable for yours before getting to know the real estate market correctly and before knowing how to do it With a successful investment or what are the best suitable areas for housing for you.

When you get accurate answers to the previous questions and pay attention to the observations that we have mentioned, you will be able to walk correctly in the path of choosing the most appropriate property for you. As for the time, it depends mainly on the activity of the client himself and the depth of the study he conducts on the market in order to reach the most appropriate option. And always remember that the presence of A professional real estate consultant accompanying you on this trip will make it an enjoyable and fruitful trip.