Perhaps you are eager to see real estate offers and prices here in Istanbul, and maybe you are used to looking at the shapes of kitchens and terraces for each project, but here unfortunately you will not find those fake prices and fake offers filling our website, but you will find professional content written to guide you to the best investment in terms of the region, type of property and all Basic details As for project photos and quotes, it’s a must but at the end, not at the beginning.

Real estate market
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In light of the boom in the real estate market in Istanbul significantly in recent years, there have been golden investment and housing opportunities for foreign investors, and at the same time they are golden opportunities for non-experts in the Turkish real estate market in order to open real estate marketing companies and benefit from the lack of customer information about this large market and work to guide them In line with the interests of the companies and not the interests of the customers. Today the customer has become aware of the importance of this real estate market, especially with the law granting Turkish citizenship for free to those who own real estate worth 400 thousand dollars only, but at the same time caution has become dominant due to the large number of unsuccessful experiences that every client must have heard from his relatives or friends.

source of our idea

From here the idea started, which is to provide real estate investment advice with complete transparency so that the customer can feel safe while exploring the Turkish real estate market. We are an investment consulting company. We are not a real estate brokerage company or a specific project, and therefore our work is characterized by being impartial to any specific project or specific region, as there are approximately 1100 new projects in Istanbul that are ready or under construction. Real estate brokerage companies are marketing a number of these projects jointly, i.e. The first company can have 200 projects and the second company has 300 projects, some of which are unique and some are intersecting with other companies, and at the same time each of these 1100 projects in Istanbul works on marketing to get customers directly without the presence of real estate marketing companies.

Here who we are

What is distinguished here is that we are not any of the above. We will not achieve any additional gains when you purchase any of these existing projects. Rather, we respect your mind and charge small wages after completing the purchase and under your knowledge instead of the usual answer that the customer hears when communicating with a real estate marketing company that we do We get any wages from you at all. Your dealings with us means that you will get free consultations, and you will visit the best projects with the best companies, and you will only buy the most suitable property for you at the best price ever, thanks to our support for you and our long experience in the Turkish real estate market.

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