The ready-made templates provided by web design platforms for non-programmers such as wix, wordpress and many others have contributed effectively and very important in giving junior entrepreneurs the luxury of obtaining an integrated website in an easy, fast and affordable cost to the maximum level.

Even large business leaders, multiple services and paid templates were the quick solution to appear better than the old competitors with an impressive website for visitors, compatible with mobile devices and search engines.

Statistics for 2020 showed that 60% of websites today rely on ready-made templates and that there are about 200 million websites designed only by wordpress.

the most important advantages that distinguish web design by ready-made templates, especially by wordpress:

1-Speed ​​in achievement, as it is possible to design a simple website within 48 hours only.
2-Easy control panel that enables non-specialists to handle it with ease.
3-The presence of a huge number of auxiliary tools or the so-called plugin, including what is free and the other part professional premium ones.
4-Compatible with mobile devices and provides AMP feature which is the rapid drop of mobile devices on the desired page.
5-Compatible with website optimization for search engines (SEO). 6–Even many free tools provide comprehensive reports on SEO and the paid tools provide a detailed report for each page of the site to help improve it.
6-technical support is very superior and is available 24/7.
7-It can be developed in regular programming languages ​​if any feature is not available within the plugin.
8-Wordpress sites are extremely safe and a backup copy of the site is stored several times per day.
9-Whatever your business (news – e-commerce – real estate – services – consulting – education …) There are a lot of templates appropriate for each of these activities.
10-The cost of building a site with wordpress is 50% less than regular programming languages.

We have to differentiate between website design and content creation

Every site needs content to be ready to appear on the Internet. Fortunately, our content creation services are available.