This type of service is a rare type among e-marketing companies and this is very natural, because the ability to develop a plan and walk with a specific strategy in order to reach satisfactory results in the constantly changing e-marketing market is something that cannot be done by someone who does not have long experience in terms of Duration and deep in terms of specialization.

We are not talking about the old theories of planning and analysis, although they are important, but in the era of the continuous development of electronic marketing, only practical experience can achieve satisfactory results for the customer.

Today every wrong strategy is applied or an incorrect plan keeps big competitors better than you twice, once because you followed the wrong strategy and second because they followed the right strategies

The plan that will be used depends on several things, we mention the most important of them:

1- There is no pre-made template for any type of commercial activities, there is a plan developed for each activity separately.
2- The plan depends on the size of the commercial activity and the time period offered to achieve the goals.
3- The plan must be flexible to be compatible with market changes and at the same time with a specific goals.
4- If the plan is for a company with limited resources, it must be coordinated and built with the Human Resources Department.
5- The plan must be given great importance because the entrepreneurs with the plans are able to cope with the market and reality variables much better.

The strategy is the implementation steps for the outline drawn up

The plan for one of the commercial activities will be to reach the largest number of the target audience. The strategy will determine the possible methods and channels that will be used to achieve the plan as soon as possible and at the lowest cost possible.

The followed strategy will reflect the consultant’s expertise , because drawing plans can anyone with general planning skills do it, but choosing the right strategies and following up on their implementation until reaching the desired goal is the advantage that the expert adviser will provide.

The most important characteristic of successful strategies is successful previous work, so be sure that you choose the right team to draw plans and develop the strategies necessary to achieve them.