In the age of the Internet, your customers are now evaluating your business based on your website and your activity on social media.

SEO and Google ads will take over the task of improving and publicizing your website. As for social media, paid advertising services are the best way to stay close to your customers and occupy your market share among competitors.

Social media ads are distinguished by its diversity and affordable cost, whatever the size and type of your business.

Social media ads targeting types: Regardless of the platform on which the advertisement will be executed, the basic targeting types remain the same:

1-An advertisement with the aim of reaching the largest number of people at the cheapest cost regardless of the engagements.
2-An advertisement designed to motivate the audience to interact with your business, with a comment, message or ..
3-An advertisement with the aim of collecting customer data to communicate with them later.

Creating an ad on social media is not difficult, but the right advertising message and constant follow-up and analysis is what makes the difference between the marketing professional and anyone else.