In light of the great development witnessed by markets, brands and their outputs on the internet pages, the researcher today is more aware and smarter than ever before and is able to distinguish between famous websites and newly emerging ones.

search engine optimization: It is not a magical mixture, but rather, considered attempts to accelerate the growth of modern companies in order to catch up with competitors as quickly as possible

When the search engines rank their results, they depend on a complex algorithm that includes more than 200 influencing factors in varying proportions, but there are basic factors that we work on and can be summarized as follows:

1-Writing content compatible with search engines on one hand and the company’s goals on the other hand.
2-Choose the appropriate code that supports the created content.
3-Building backlinks free and paid according to the subject and the required keyword.
4-Consider speed and user experience while browsing the site and content suitability for mobile devices.
5-Continuously analyze and update content and submit periodic reports.

The implementation of SEO contributes in the long-term to lowering the costs of Google ads and also the quality of visitors that customers received thanks to the appearance of their content on the first page of Google was in terms of quality better than advertising campaigns.

Implementing the SEO today is no longer a question of whether it is necessary or not, but rather when you will start with it.

Questions and answers :

To reach the first results in the search engines within certain keywords, do I have to work with a company or a marketing consultant?

In fact, SEO results that we will get are not only for specific keywords but also for many other keywords close to our listed keywords which are useful as well.

This work requires effort and time. To get a satisfactory result, the work must take from 4 months to a year to reach the first page of search engines.

The first results can be quickly reached by illegitimate methods, but if it worked in the beginning , the results will be very negative in the long-term plan and I do not think that any business owner  has a website that wants a beneficial result only in the short term.

Therefore, if we look from a broad perspective on the SEO process, we can say that it is a long process that requires the cooperation of both parties to reach and maintain the desired results.

It is best to work with a marketing company if your commercial activity is very large. As for medium and small companies  working with one marketing consultant will have satisfactory results at a lower cost.

Should SEO be preferred or SEM?

SEO stand for  search engine optimization while SEM stand for search engine marketing,

To answer this question, it is necessary first to define several things:

-What is the size of your business?

-What is the budget allocated to the marketing activity?

-Will it adopt a short-term or long-term strategy?

-How big is your business relative to competitors in the same field?

SEO is a long-term plan that suits medium and large activities more than small activities with a very limited marketing budget. If your business aspires to compete with larger companies, it is indispensable to improve your site for search engines.

Advertising on search engines (SEM) is like magic that can bring you results on the same day that you started your ad campaign and it is suitable for activities with a limited budget and short-term strategy, but as soon as  your marketing budget ends you completely disappear from search engines , and therefore it is a quick recipe for launch For small companies, it is also important for large companies that implement SEO to maintain their stake against competitors.

Conclusion Both types are important and you can get a plan suitable for your business by contacting us for free.

How are price offers set to optimize websites for search engines? How much SEO cost?

A lot of things affect the completion of the SEO process and  its pricing , we can mention the most important elements here :

-Customer objectives

-The amount of competition

– The tools that we will be used

-The period which the work will be executed within

How to deal with negative SEO?

Negative SEO is building harmful bakclinks to the site and these harmful links are defined if they:

– From weak websites, especially weaker than your current website

– Randomly built without paying attention to your site’s specialization

– It was built in large numbers and deceptively for the search engines within a very short period of time.

Analyzing the website to figure out which SEO is intended is the first process we perform to ensure that your website is free of any previous negative practices, and even if it exists it is disposed of by telling the search engines that these links are not desirable and it is a specific process that we can do.

We must also, before starting the implementation of the SEO, be  ensure that the site is free of any problems with programming. Is the site compatible with mobile devices and is safe and also supports the user experience or not, because any internal problem will hinder the appearance of the required results and can prevent their appearance completely sometimes.

Remember that the initial analysis of the site is free, you can request it directly and get it.

What is the on-page SEO and what is its benefit?

As we mentioned in the previous question about the importance of ensuring a good user experience and for the website to be safe and compatible with mobile devices, on-page SEO also includes ensuring a correct site structure and the presence of a clear sitemap that makes it easier for search engines to fully understand the content of the website.

Analyzing your website using  paid tools is considered the cornerstone of implementing the SEO process, but here we have to realize something important. Anyone can analyze your website, whether if he is an SEO expert or not. but what make different is to find out which things are important and essential to fix first and what you don’t need to spend time and money to fix it because it is  minor matters. Long experience in this field and following up the latest search engine updates will ensure that the work is done with the required quality and time.

The benefit of implementing on-page SEO is ensuring that all subsequent steps will actually be beneficial to the website and that time required to implement the SEO completely will be in the interest of the website , this avoid us after 6 months or a year find out that SEO will not succeed due to internal errors in the site.

What is off-page  SEO and what is its benefit?

In the past, search engines, headed by Google, adopted sites classification according to what is called page rank, but due to the significant manipulation that led to providing a bad experience for the user, whether due to keyword stuffing in content or by purchase of random backlinks, search engines modified this classification, and adopted several new points In order to rank the search results.

In fact, Google’s algorithm includes more than 200 criteria for categorizing results, according to Google officials, but we will focus, when implementing the SEO, on the basic factors sufficient to obtain satisfactory results.

The main factors for the success off-page SEO with Google algorithms:

-The acquired backlinks must be of the same specialty as the site and be acquired in moderation

– Create content in a comprehensive and unique way that really provide answers to user questions

– Permanent analysis of site activity before, during and after the implementation of each part of the plan by accurate paid tools

– Continuity and dividing the plan to be implemented into parts in order to ensure that the website gains strength and authority over time in a manner that appears natural to the extreme.

How is the cost of implementing SEO estimated?

SEO is an ever-changing broad field and its results are influenced by the results of the entire Internet and other sites, so we can give a quick example until we understand what we want to explain.

If we assume that the customer’s request is to reach the first page with the word “apartments for sale in Istanbul” which it a word that has very high competition ,the speed of success of the SEO plan depends on the plans of competitors  not only our own plan , therefore if we estimate the costs according to any fixed standard, this will be The estimate is unfair, whether for the customer or us.

Therefore, we adopt the principle of division of the implementation of SEO into several items and allow the customer to choose what suits him and based on what the customer chooses, a fair monthly wages are calculated.

Some of you may ask why some companies are able to determine a fixed cost despite what I mentioned of the market change and rapid development?

In fact, whoever sets a fixed price in the SEO, he is in fact setting a large profit margin that guarantees his gains in case that the implementation of the SEO is difficult, but in the case of implementation is easy, it guarantees a double profit, we do not support this thing and during the deal you will notice that if we reach the desired goal before the period We will provide a suitable discount for the work we have provided.

What is the relationship between  the user experience and SEO?

Improving the user experience has a close relationship to on-page SEO, as the classification of the site content in an organized structure helps both search engines and users to find what they want,

Also, speeding up the pages of the site will allow the user to browse a greater number of pages and thus this qualifies him to spend more time on the site, and this is what Google considers a very important criterion when rating the quality of sites.

If exist building of your site from the beginning is not appropriate to improve the user experience, it is better to rebuild the site again because all subsequent SEO works depend on this basis.

How long will the SEO results be tangible?

After executing  the initial analysis of the site and determining the things that must be done to solve the basic problems in the site, we can start calculating the time necessary to obtain the concrete results of the SEO after solving the basic problems, if the commercial activity is large, it should be noted that work must be coordinated between the customer team and our team to achieve the required results, In the case of medium and small business activities, our team can do this work for you, especially if we are able to fully create the required content.

There are signs indicating the success of the plan that we are implementing, including improving the site’s authority and ranking in search results. Also, after six months, we should notice an increase in traffic  to your site. As for the full results, it can be fully evaluated after 12 months have passed since the beginning of work.

Note: This evaluation is general and not comprehensive , as commercial activities can obtain the required results within a period of 3 months only.

How can I make sure that the SEO  company I am dealing with  is moving properly to achieve my goals?

We are fully aware that the lack of success of the implementation of the SEO is not only a loss in the client’s money but also in his time, and who wants to get an angry client ?! Of course, no one so we have to understand something essential in evaluating the SEO to make sure that even from the first month the process of implementing SEO is done correctly .

As we said earlier, after analyzing the technical errors on the site and solving them, the SEO plan begins , and here we must realize that the implementation of SEO does not mean reaching the required keywords to the first page only, (to achieve that we need to reach to the final step result that can take 6 months or 12 months),

But implementing the SEO correctly has notable signs and guides, for example, in order to deliver 20 keywords to the first page, we expect at least more than 200 important and useful keywords for the customer except the 20 words chosen, will achieve a better ranking within the search results even in the late pages.

Always remember that the keyword that reached the first page was before that on the second page and before the second on the third and so on ,,, therefore you can monitor the success of the implementation of the SEO by noting the progress of the arrangement of the important words of the business and even in the later pages of Google.

Do you guarantee the successful  of the work?

If the success of the implementation SEO process depends only on us, we would certainly have given guarantees for the success of the work within a specific time, but as we have said previously there is a section of work that depends on the customer’s website and also the market changes also competitors are influencing factor as well,

We guarantee that we provide our work that we have always succeeded in the best possible way and guarantee that in the event of delaying the appearance of the desired results take responsibility and also if the results appear before the expected time we guarantee that you will get a reduction in the price, but giving guarantees without taking into account the market changes and the development of search engines will be unjust You first and us second.

Does AdSense affect SEO?

In general there is no correlation between the presence of ads on your site for Google (or other advertisers) with SEO, but you should pay attention to the fact that the large number of ads on your website lead to give the user a bad experience while browsing and thus this will reduce the period of his session on the site, and this itself leads to Negative results related to SEO, because staying the user for as long as possible browsing your site is a very important sign for Google indicating the quality of your content and it deserves to be ranked  in the first results.

Is there a benefit to Google Ads and SEO being managed by the same company?

Google ads: represent the paid visits to the site coming from the search engine, Google,

and SEO: represent free visits also coming from search engines,

Google ads are a short-term strategy that can bring results from the first day, but its impact ends once the budget for that day is over,

As for SEO, it is a long-term plan whose results are delayed, but when they appear, their effect remains a long time that can reach years and even after the work is stopped .

It is certain that the same company that implements Google ads also implements SEO, which is very beneficial and there will be coordination between the short and long term plan so that we get the best possible results.

Remember, whatever the outcome you want seems difficult to obtain, it can always be obtained if the necessary budget is allocated for this purpose.

What are the criteria for choosing the best e-marketing company?

digital marketing companies are many and each has its advantages, but you have to pay attention to the large size of the company and even its previous bright activities not only evidence of the quality of the company, but also evidence for its high prices.

We previously said that there are no inevitable guarantees in the SEO process and the company that gives you 100% guarantees , sure it is a company that misleads you, so you have to listen to company presentations and the results of preliminary analyzes of your site and compare prices in order to be able to choose well,

Remember that the size of the company, the number of employees in it, the breadth of its offices, and its luxury are matters that you pay an additional cost on. what You need is experience ,the clarity are more important than appearances.

What is the shortest period for implementing SEO and benefiting from it?

The definition of benefiting from the implementation of the SEO according to our concept is to reach the first results in Google and stay in it, which is the most important,

Some illegal SEO strategies can be implemented and as a result, you can reach the first results in Google within less than one month, but the important question is how long will your site remain in the first results?!.

Remember well that implementing SEO properly means gradual progress, especially in sectors where there is significant competition.

To answer the question, we can say that this depends on your business and the amount of competition for the required keywords, but good results can be obtained within 3 months for the keywords with low competition up to 12 months for the keywords with high competition.

As digital marketing agency what is our SEO services that we provide?

What we do in SEO can be summarized to the following points:

-Conduct a preliminary analysis, discover internal site weaknesses, and work to fix them.

-Carry out an analysis of the required keywords, competitors, and the market in the required field.

– Provide a quote containing the results of the report and the plan that we will implement.

– Creating content compatible with search engines also attractive to readers at the same time.

– Working to improve the user experience by making the site structure simple and easy.

– Buy some backlinks from reliable sources and build some links manually.

– Analyzing the results periodically and informing the client of the progress achieved.

– Continue with these steps as long as the results are satisficing .

– Stability in the first results from Google and work to maintain this level.

Do we apply the required technical modifications on the customer site?

In fact, this depends on the size of the customer’s commercial activity. In the case that the website is medium in size or built by WordPress platform, we can provide technical support as well, not just consulting.

In the case that the site belongs to a large commercial activity that includes its own technical team, coordination with the technical team is what we do to solve the problems that exist before implementing the SEO.

When creating SEO-compliant content What are the issues considered?

Creating content is an art in itself, but in addition to formulating content in an attractive way for site visitors we take into account the continuous development in Google’s algorithms, and also we are careful to avoid old ways that have led to a negative impact such as repeating the required keywords, and we also make sure that the content is comprehensive and answers To users’ questions.

Is content creation included with SEO implementation?

This mainly depends on the customer’s commercial activity, we can say that in general the implementation of SEO in the case  that there is someone who writes the content to the customer well is very likely, but we have to ensure the team adheres to the advice and topics that we provide to him, and the second option, which is more likely We create the content and thus we can coordinate between SEO analyzes, keywords and their synonyms, and create the content in a way that ensures that these words exist naturally and are appropriate for search engines.

How can you keep up to date with Google algorithm ?

Anyone can follow the world famous sites in the SEO and thus can learn about the latest Google updates and what include, but what distinguishes us is that our experience in this field is not only theoretical by knowing the latest modifications of algorithms but also practical experience, we experienced important updates and we noticed their impact on the websites, This is what gives us excellence.

What is the effect of website design on SEO?

The website should have the following specifications to help implement SEO:

– Fast page loading , which is essential to improve user experience

-Suitable for mobile devices

– https secure for users even if there are no money payments on your site

– With a simplified structure that makes it easier for users to access the required pages

– With attractive, comprehensive and unique content

The WordPress platform fulfills all the above requirements and is characterized in addition to the speed in completing the site and the acceptable cost compared to the regular programming languages.

What are the recent trends for SEO in 2020?

Several statements by Google officials emphasized the importance of the following since 2019 and upwards:

– ranking  pages that support mobile devices over pages that are not compatible with mobile devices.

– The speed of the website, especially when browsing from the mobile.

-AMP feature for landing pages of mobile devices.

– feature snippets  at the top of the search engine page for sites that provide the best answer to a user’s question.

– Site structure and accessibility.

– Voice search.

– User experience, especially for mobile devices.

– Content that understands the user’s intention to search and not just his direct question.

What is the benefit of blog in implementing SEO?

The blog is the engine of your website, and despite the importance of the services pages, the blogs remain the best place to attract free traffic from Google and distribute visitors to the communication pages to purchase your services or fill out their data according to your goal.

It is worth noting that the blog is a double-edged sword, just as the presence of a blog with distinctive and unique content is very useful for your site, quite the opposite is the existence of a copied blog or with poor and unattractive content that is a fundamental reason in completely ignoring the search engines for your site,

All the big sites that are popular after the main page there is blogs which are the most visited pages on the site ,only one blog can attract more than 50% of your visitors to the entire site.

My site never appears in search engines, what should I do?

We have to differentiate here between your site appearing too late in the search engines or not appearing at all, we should know that the new site needs a period of no less than 15 days to be indexed within Google naturally,

Now if your site is late in the search results, you should start implementing the SEO now and the more your field has more competition the more you will have to invest in implementing the SEO.

As for if your site is not completely present on Google, here we go to send a request to Google in order to index your site and also check the site internally because indexing must be done automatically, if there are no fundamental problems in the design of your site you can continue with repairing technical errors, either in case Since the problem in programming the site, it is better to redesign the site again.

Would social media help implement SEO?

In general, there is no correlation between social media and SEO, but social media remains the fuse that will lead visitors to your site in the beginning to discover the splendor of the content on your site, which in turn is observed by search engines and thus benefits the SEO .

How can I find out the right keywords for SEO?

We rely on specialized tools to perform this task, and it is done as follows:

– Analyze the current client’s website and measure the number of keywords related to his business and that can obtain a good rank in it now.

– Analyzing competitors websites who share the same market with the client and analyzing their best keywords.

A third special analysis of the best intersection between competitors’ keywords and keywords with acceptable competition rate  that is of interest to the customer as well.

– Develop an initial plan and start implementing it, and through monthly reports new keywords are added to the main list