Content writing is the art of telling the story of your products and services to the reader without feeling bored and attract him to join the list of your customers, and whenever your services and products are many in number and branched by description whenever you need a skilled narrator to make what you want to present to your site visitors interesting and attractive.

Content creation is not only about the skill in weaving phrases to choose the most accurate vocabulary, it also depends on choosing topics that are appropriate for your field and ensuring that your site appears in the first search results in front of big competitors.

While writing the article only the marketing professional is able to combine what you want to display on one hand and what the search engines think like Google when arranging the results on the other hand, this today is no longer a luxury but an urgent necessity if we realize that 97% of the content that is created and even after one year of its publication, it does not reach the first page of Google, according to marketing studies.

What to consider when developing a plan for creating your site’s content:

1-Create a preliminary listing of content titles that we will create
2-Analyze competitors with keywords shared with the plan
3-Preparing the main list with headings of content to be created
4-start creating the content, considering the reliable sources and the number of words that are best suited to each topic
5-Linking content with similar topics on the site pages
6-Posting, following and continually updating your content
7-Make recommendations for purchasing backlinks that speed up the process of dominating search results
8-Periodic reports of the best performing pages on your site, using free and paid tools
9-Ensure that the content reaches the first results from Google
10-Work to maintain the content in the first results from Google, especially after reaching the first result

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