optimizing your website for search engines, writing attractive content, and building a backlink are very important matters, but as we know that SEO is a long-term plan and thus how will your business survive this long period before the SEO results begin to appear effectively and provide you with profits?

The answer is through digital advertising because through online advertising you can get results within a very short period of time that may not exceed 60 minutes

digital advertising is characterized by the multiplicity of available platforms in it, to suit all businesses, some of which are cheap and help in reaching a large number of targeted people,some of which  help in reaching a specific category that uses specific words when searching, and some which it is give you possiblity to target specific companies directly. some to keep customers informed of the latest offers of your business.

The growth in the rates of demand for digital advertising is constantly increasing and this is evidence of its effectiveness on the one hand and that it has become necessary on the other hand, and it is certain that every company has not  online appearances, in fact, it deprives itself of the opportunity to stay and continue for a longer period and also from expansion and occupying a larger share from the market.

We heard a lot about companies after they were closed and we did not hear about them when they opened or during their work due to a lack of digital advertising provided to potential customers.

Google, Facebook and Instagram ads are among the most popular and important ads, followed by email ads and we will detail each service separately.

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