It is a standard created by the well-known Moz Tool, and it assesses the eligibility of a website or page dedicated to it in order to appear in the results of the first search engines for a specific keyword.

Its value ranges between 0 and 100 ,whenever it has a higher value, this means that this page is more qualified to obtain an advanced search engine ranking.

The DA estimate depends on the backlinks of the site on which the measurement is made or on the page, and also on the time factor, as the old pages have a higher eligibility than the new pages if all other criteria are identical.

When reserving a new domain ,DA equals 0 and gradually escalates depending on the implementation of SEO on site.

new business activities that started recently or last year to reach DA is equal to 40 it needs at least four or five years, this is not what fierce competition in the market allows, so we provided this service to reach DA 40 or higher during a period of 30 days.

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