how to Create ideal Facebook ad ?In social media ads (and Facebook on top ) the companies that own these platforms take care about which are an ideal advertisements that has a sound design and helps the user in understanding the product or service that the advertisement offers.

to apply that , facebook ads set specific conditions for the advertising policy across its platform to ensure a certain level of quality in ads.

Facebook ads policy in 2020

The Facebook ads policy is based on the rejection of ads that fulfill one of the following conditions:

1-The ads which violate social standards such as talking about violence or causing a bad feeling to the user who is displaying ads
2-Illegal products or services
3-Advertisements based on the principle of discrimination and racism
4-Advertisements of tobacco, drugs and related substances
5-Unsafe supplements such as steroids
6-Weapons, ammunition and explosives
7-Adult products and services
8-Adult content
9-Sensitive content
10-Content that offends the user
11-Misleading content to users
12-Misleading landing pages
13-Content that includes fraud and deception
14-Verbal content or images
15-The content with phishing buttons is similar to Facebook buttons
16-Misleading fake loans
17-Selling body organic
19-Low quality content
20-Content with images containing text over 20%

As for the last point, it is not a fixed standard, as the previous criteria guaranteeing ad disapproval, but Facebook does this by reviewing your ad in case the content includes text that exceeds 20% of the image or video space.

Based on this review, Facebook decides that either the content contains less than 20%, and therefore it is acceptable, or it includes just over 20%, and thus this will lead to the advertisement reaching a smaller number of people.

It can include more than 20% on average, and thus the advertisement will reach a low number of people due to the high amount of text within the visual content. In the case that the text is more than 20% so much, Facebook rejects the advertisement completely after the review.

Text overlay tool from facebook

Facebook provided a free tool for marketers through which they can ensure the quality of the content they want to use in the advertisement and the percentage of the text in it. Is it appropriate or does the design need to amend and reduce the text written on it?

You can access it from the link:

Can we make advertisement and text ratio be more than 20%

There have been some strategies that help in doing Facebook advertising, even if the percentage of written text is more than 20%. Here we mention 2 of these strategies:

1- publish the post to be promoted on the Facebook page and do the promotion directly from the page without using the Ads Manager. This strategy has a low success rate because Facebook is discovering it and here some may ask.

Is Facebook Ads Manager important to make ads?

The answer is, of course, the ads manager is very important because it is allow to follow the results of the advertisement and analyze it and a broader understanding of the number of ad’s reach and the cost of engagement and cost versus reach and cost per lead and many many important statistics that the ordinary advertiser who does not use the ads manager can not notice it.

2- It depends on the deception of the Facebook text overlapping tool, as we know that the ideal size for the image in the Facebook announcement is 1200 * 628 pixels where the large number indicates the width and the small number indicates the height of the image

If we had an image in which the text reached above 70% of the total area of ​​the image and therefore it would be rejected according to the interference department

And now we will trick to solve this problem, which is to open a new design on Photoshop or any other image editing program with the following dimensions 1200 * 4000 pixels as in the picture below

The design with these dimensions equals five times the normal design, and therefore the writing is distributed among 5 times the area. When this image is placed in the overlap tool, the result will be positive and can be used in advertising.

Now when implementing the advertisement in the Ads Manager we cut the black space in the image and thus we get the image we want with text more than 20%.

This strategy, if successful, and Facebook did not reveal it, but it has negative effects.

I personally believe that Facebook imposed this policy with the aim of helping us as marketers get the best possible result from our ad.

Consequently, we have promoted this image, even if Facebook accept it, it will have weaker interactions with the audience.

Originally, instead of asking yourself how to promote content that includes more than 20% of the text, ask yourself why Facebook originally chose this standard.

You can always take advantage of the general text and the button that the user will click on, as well as the text space above the ad, all this to help you send your advertising message to the user in a deliberate and coordinated manner.

If you running your ads randomly without a prior plan and a subsequent study of the results, you often miss a portion of your marketing budget that you could have avoided if you took the advice from the eligible person.