Today everyone knows that implementing SEO is a long-term plan that will not bring results that the customer expects within 3 months and sometimes it needs a year , but what about new business activities that aspire to grow rapidly and compete with medium and then large businesses during a record time period?

For this we have created this section which includes the boost start for any commercial activity to keep up with competitors within record time, so that these services are useful also for medium commercial activities in order to catch up with big businesses.

It mainly includes the following services:

+global Alexa rank dropped to less than 100,000 in one month

+Increase in domain rating, which is an important parameter that the Ahrefs tool uses to determine the strength of a backlink profile in a website or specific page

+Domain authority increase, which is an important parameter that the Moz tool uses to determine the ability of keywords on your site to appear in the first search results

+ premium Backlink with high quality and professionally targeted in order to improve your site in general or a specific page for specific keywords

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