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Since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war in late February 2022, the sanctions imposed by the United States and European Union countries on the Russian economy and Russian businessmen have been increasing, as many import and export commercial activities have been restricted, in addition to preventing Russian banks from using the American swift system and seizing of the assets of the Central Bank of Russia.

These accelerated measures elicited a quick reaction from Russian investors to find suitable countries to do their business and at the same time to have an alternative option in case they decide to stay outside Russia and reside in a second country.

The United States and the European Union countries were completely excluded because of the sanctions they imposed on the one hand and the fact that they were environments that did not meet the requirements of Russian businessmen in finding a suitable environment for building their commercial activities.

For China, an ally of Russia, the environment was not suitable either. The US sanctions are increasing day by day to curb China’s economic progress.

East Asian countries, Arab countries, South Africa, and South America were not attractive environments for Russian investors as Turkey was for the following reasons:

Why to choose Turkey as alternative worldwide option ?

+ Turkey took a peaceful role without the support of any of the parties to the war, despite its relatively close geographical location to Russia and Ukraine. Rather, it played the role of a mediator who wanted peace and an end to the war.

+ Turkey did not impose any sanctions on Russia and at the same time contributed to the export of Ukrainian grain to the world.

+ Real estate in Turkey is not new to Russian investors, since a long time the Russians have been interested in owning real estate in Turkey, especially on the shores of the Mediterranean.

+ Turkey offers citizenship to every investor and his family when buying a property worth at least $ 400.000, and this amount for Russian businessmen is logical and easy to secure.

+ The Turkish government has provided a lot of facilities to the Russians wishing to open commercial activities in Turkey and conduct their business after the sanctions that affected them due to the war.

Previously, most of the real estate that Russians bought for the purpose of summer were on the coast of the Mediterranean, which is famous for its warm weather and clear water. A part of the real estate was bought in Istanbul, as it is the largest city in Turkey and includes centres of international companies, and we can conventionally consider it the real capital of Turkey.

The above picture represents a coast from the coast of Antalya, and it is worth mentioning that the options are wide in Antalya, including the new residential complexes with integrated services with direct views at prices close to half a million euros for two rooms and a hall, and also we can find old buildings close to the sea, even without a view, at prices under 100 thousand Euros for two rooms and a hall so that people of all budgets could enjoy the atmosphere of Antalya in the summer.

But today, investors need a developed city with a solid infrastructure to transfer their businesses to it and own real estate in it with the aim of investing and obtaining Turkish citizenship, and here Istanbul came to the fore immediately as it fully meets the required conditions.

This is the desired city, as it combines modernity, beauty and a strategic geographical location between Europe and Asia.

Why do Russians choose Istanbul to invest and obtain Turkish citizenship?

+ Istanbul center is an investment site par excellence. When buying a new property in it, it can be used later and sold at a higher price on the basis of the dollar in a guaranteed and fast manner, and this is what the non-central areas of Istanbul or even the Turkish cities outside Istanbul (Antalya, Izmir, and Mersin on top of) do not meet.

+ New real estate in the center of Istanbul has reasonable prices for obtaining Turkish citizenship through one property, and this means the speed of applying and obtaining citizenship as soon as possible.

+ Istanbul center includes the headquarters of banks in Turkey and many international companies with a presence in Turkey, and thus conducting business from Istanbul center is easier and faster than anywhere outside Istanbul.

+ The beautiful nature in the center of Istanbul and its diversity, there is the Bosphorus Strait, which separates the two sides of Istanbul, the European and the Asian, with its wonderful turquoise waters. The center of Istanbul also includes the Belgrade Forests, the largest natural outlet in Istanbul, as well as a large number of monuments, historical palaces, hotels, restaurants, and very popular international brands.

What is the best real estate suitable for investment and obtaining Turkish citizenship?

Although the new real estate in the center of Istanbul in the Sisli, Beyoglu and Maslak areas in the European side of Istanbul, and the areas of Uskudar, Kadikoy and Beykoz in the Asian part of Istanbul are often considered suitable for investment and obtaining Turkish citizenship, but there is always a more appropriate option than one according to each investor, his goal, his budget, and his investment plan.

Our team listens well to your requirements and helps you build a timetable for real estate investment who wish to do it within Istanbul, and then we choose the best suitable projects for you to save your time and offer them to you on the ground, and we follow up with you the process until you get the best payment method and the best possible price, and the role of our legal team, which strives very hard to ensure that you and your families obtain Turkish citizenship as soon as possible.

Even after purchasing the property, we will assist you in the interior design, furnishing and rental operations. All you have to do is contact our advisory team to assist you.

What are the papers needed to obtain Turkish citizenship in return for buying a property in Turkey?

+ A copy of the Tapu (the title deed of the purchased property), or the contract of the promise to sell with the notary public.

+ A valid real estate appraisal report, bearing in mind that the validity period of real estate appraisal reports is three months, with a value not exceeding the value recorded in the title deed, and has a specific issuance cost, and is extracted within two or three working days by an appraisal institution licensed by the Turkish government.

+ Original payment receipts from the buyer’s account, stamped from the sending bank.

+ The original receivables from the seller’s account, stamped from the receiving bank, and these receipts are the approved proof that proves that the value of the property has been paid and transferred from the seller’s account to the buyer’s account.

+ Two copies of the power of attorney for the application for citizenship, granted by the investor to the legal team to submit the citizenship file, and follow up with the official departments. The agency is organized by the notary public in Turkey (Notre) and at an estimated cost of 600 to 700 Turkish liras per copy. In the case that the investor’s wife/husband is added to the naturalization file, a similar agency must be submitted for each of the spouses, and one joint agency can be organized for the client and his wife. The fees of the legal team vary according to each case in terms of the number of papers, the number of individuals within the file, and others.

+ Translation of the passport into Turkish, certified by the notary public in Turkey (Notre) for all family members: husband and wife, and children under 18 years of age.

+ A photo of the last visa and entry to Turkey.

What are the advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship?

+ The strength of the Turkish passport, as the Turkish passport ranks 39th in the world as it grants its holder the right to enter 72 countries without a visa.

+ Turkish passport and Turkish citizenship are processed and delivered in a relatively short period of up to 60 days.

+ Turkey’s relationship with the European Union countries, as negotiations and agreements are still underway between the Turkish government and the European Union countries regarding Turkey’s accession to the Union, and in the case of accession, this will give the Turkish citizen great facilities to obtain a Schengen visa and enter various European countries, and it is possible that the Turkish citizen will be granted the right to enter Europe without a visa in the future.

+ The possibility for holders of Turkish passports and Turkish citizenship to benefit from retirement programs as a Turkish citizen.

+ The Turkish government provides free education and university payment plans for holders of Turkish passports and citizenship.

+ The Turkish passport gives its holder all voting rights for all types of elections in Turkey.

+ The Turkish government allows dual citizenship for those who hold Turkish passports, as they can also have another citizenship, so you will not have to give up your original citizenship.

+ Turkish passport has a validity of 10 years upon receipt and can be renewed for life.

+ The economic importance of Turkey, including the continuous reforms undertaken by the Turkish government in order to revive its economy always.