Backlinks are external links on websites that refer to your website , Backlinks are a very basic component that search engines take into account when ranking search results.

most of start-up companies and many large companies do not give importance to building external links because they think that they are not worth the effort or cost , but in reality we cannot get a successful SEO activity without building external links of high quality and quantity .

All sizes of companies need to implement SEO and obtain external links because small companies always strive to be medium and medium to become large and large to maintain their market share, so we note that interest in SEO in general and to obtain high quality external links is constantly increasing.

backlinks have three basic types:

*Natural backlinks: which are built to look unintended naturally and those types are the best types of links for search engines

*semi-natural backlinks: They are modified natural backlinks build to obtain new backlinks and they are not useful nor harmful

*Random backlinks: links that are randomly purchased or that were obtained from a site with a different niche from your site

It is a harmful type because it cost you without useful impact, and perhaps with the development of Google’s algorithms, it will have a negative impact on your website

Note: Remember that building backlinks randomly is not less dangerous than not building them at all, so it is best to seek the assistance of a specialized person to help you complete this process and monitor it completely.

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