If you search on the search engines for the title of today’s article, it means that you are a person who loves perfection, not just excellence, because Bosphorus properties are the best in all of Turkey.

It is not hidden from anyone the historical, strategic, aesthetic, economic and even political importance of the Bosphorus Strait, which is the only waterway in the world that combines two continents in one city, the city of beauty and splendor Istanbul.

There is no doubt that the more the demand is scarce, the higher the prices. Therefore, we will start with several pictures in which we define different grades of Bosphorus properties, and we will mention the approximate budget for each property:

1- A property far from the Bosphorus and with a partial view

If you want to have a property with a partial view of the Bosphorus from the high floors only, you can say that a budget of 350 thousand dollars can enable you to get a small apartment on a high floor with the view of the Bosphorus that you see in the picture above.

Certainly, today we will not discuss the advantages of each property in terms of the pictures that we will share, and we will focus only on the topic of the main article, which is to discuss how close or far these properties are from the Bosphorus and the level of their view, as well as the appropriate budget for each property, and the purpose of mentioning budgets is to familiarize customers with the level of prices for this The type of real estate due to the large number of inquiries about properties with a view of the Bosphorus with a budget of less than 350 thousand dollars, and therefore there is nothing suitable in the market within this budget (we are talking about a desirable property to live in and therefore includes the appropriate features, and we are not talking about 20-year-old apartments on random hills with a view Bosphorus but not suitable for most foreigners looking for properties with a Bosphorus view)

2- A property far from the Bosphorus, but from a better viewing angle

Practically this picture was taken from a place away from the Bosphorus, about 15 km by car, or about 8 km line of sight. However, there are many customers who want to have this view, knowing that a small apartment costs at least half a million dollars to have this view from a high floor with the same presence The apartment with a view from a lower floor has a budget of approximately 380 thousand dollars.

3- A property closer to the Bosphorus with a panoramic view

When we talk about a property that is relatively close to the Bosphorus, about 6 km line of sight, panoramic view, and a few apartments, as in the above picture, we are talking about a property in an important strategic area such as Nisantasi, which is affiliated with Sisli (as the project shown in the picture above) or in the Besiktas area that is originally adjacent to the Bosphorus. (We will see the fourth degree as an option).

In a property such as this integrated services in a very prestigious area, it is considered a rare opportunity, due to the lack of new real estate near the Bosphorus, and therefore whenever something is scarce, the demand for it increases and therefore its price increases. Therefore, you can expect the price of a large apartment of three bedrooms and a hall at a price of 4 million dollars or more in project like this.

We cannot say here that the prices of this project are high, because the market has supply and demand, and as long as the demand for such properties is high, their prices will naturally be high. If these prices are not suitable for your budget, do not worry, you can contact us to find the best suitable option for you in other projects.

4- A property close to the Bosphorus with a wonderful panoramic view

Less than 1 km line of sight to the Bosphorus. You are really talking about a property of great importance, even for investment, because the best five-star hotels at the Bosphorus have this advantage. Therefore, let’s talk about a lifestyle with the standards of 5-star hotels, which costs an average of $400 a night, it should logically be The prepared budget for a property with 3 bedrooms and a spacious hall is at least 5 million dollars (there can be options with less space and therefore a lower price) here we try to provide a perspective that enables the client to understand the real importance of each type of these properties and their rarity and thus evaluate their price correctly.

5- An old property adjacent to the Bosphorus

In fact, this wonderful painting above is not only suitable for budgets above 8 million dollars, but most importantly, most of its owners do not want to sell it at all, and therefore most of the time there is no suitable option on the market, and this type of real estate is often inherited by rich families from grandparents to Grandchildren without wanting to sell it let alone rent it.

In the event that there is a desire to sell it for any reason, it is likely that a Turkish buyer who is related to this family by kinship or old friendship will be sought.

Do you mean that acquiring this real estate is not possible for foreigners?

It is not easy at all, and during our long experience in this market, neither we nor our major competitors were able to sell a property like this to a foreign client, but in the end there are opportunities that may be available from time to time. together for the right property.

6- A palace adjacent to the Bosphorus

Mostly this type of real estate is invested to be a luxury hotel, and here we are talking about budgets exceeding 40 million dollars, which are investment projects used to represent soap operas and a meeting place for big businessmen.

Today, after reading this article, we believe that the customer will be fully aware of the options in the real estate market overlooking the Bosphorus, and thus will prepare the appropriate budget for his request.