Backlinks or external links: a direct link from a site that indicates another site. Backlinks are very important in the SEO according to what has been stated by Google officials that Google’s algorithm (which includes more than 200 factors that Google use to classify search results. ) It mainly depends on 3 factors which are content, backlinks, and page rank (an algorithm that helps Google rank search results).

As we have noted,great content and backlinks are all that you need to improve in order to make your site top the search results, and here you must pay attention that the development witnessed by Google and the development of its algorithm has led to the old ways to obtain backlinks becoming useless (we will talk shortly about them) , From today onward, the acceptable and useful backlink to your site is the natural backlink from a site related to your site In terms of topics.

Old ways to get a Backlinks

Before Google’s algorithms new updates , which were done in several stages, all types of external links had almost the same value and they are all useful for the sites, whether natural or artificial, whether in small or large numbers. Whether it is from sites of your own specialty or any other site, whether it is in the header or the side bar or footer or in the comments all of that was useful for the site in varying degrees, now with the development of Google’s algorithms Google has become able to discover these types of links and not only Canceling its impact but also penalizing the sites that use it, and thus today building external links or backlinks has become a very delicate matter in SEO and at the same time it is one of the essentials to dominate search results, so it is better not to endanger your site while building these links instead. you can get Free consultation from us.

Factors affecting backlinks:

It is important to realize that backlinks have types that differ according to the influencing factors that we will mention now. It is also worth noting that these factors are constantly developing and increasing:

1- The authority of the site

Each site has a certain domain authority and is denoted by the symbol DA. Each site is valued between 0 and 100 according to several factors that we will not mention here so that the article does not be so long. Now what we care about here is knowing that whenever the backlink is coming from a site with more authority ( Higher DA) the stronger and more useful the value of this link to your site.

Note: Site authority gradual levels are not evenly scaled ,this means that a link from a site with DA 20 is much better than two links from two sites each with DA 10 and thus a link from a site with DA 80 rewards a large number of links from sites with DA 30 for example.

2-Do follow or no follow

This is a very important factor for classifying the benefit of backlinks:

Do Follow: Sends a signal to search engines to consider this link to be of real value to SEO and therefore this is taken into consideration when ranking search results.

No Follow: Sends a reference to search engines to consider this link as the same as normal text that does not have any value in SEO and therefore is not counted when ranking the search results.

In general all links are dofollow unless the nofollow instruction shown in the image below is used (except for comments in blogs and forums the primary form of it is no-follow):

And as we have noted from the definition, the type of link is very important, otherwise why would you spend effort and money on links that do not provide any benefit to your site, and you should pay attention to that many sites sell backlink at cheap prices but no-follow or do-follow in a specific period after that it is deleted and thus your benefit it will be temporary.

3- The position of the Backlink in the site

Backlinks in the main menu, footer, or even the side bar at hosting site means that you get a number of Backlinks equal to the number of pages in which these lists appear (meaning approximately the number of pages of the entire site) and this is something from the first glance it looks great. Unfortunately, Google, after developing its new algorithm, become able to discover these types of links, and therefore no longer gets the desired importance as it was before. Today, link building has become one of the most sensitive matters when implementing SEO, and the importance of this stage can never be underestimated or implemented by anyone not specialist.

Backlinks types

Here we will talk about three levels of the Backlink according to the classification of 2020:

A- First level: It is very useful

This level of backlinks is valid in 2020 and beneficial to your site and also will be useful even after 2020 according to expectations, here the more backlinks that you will get at this level from a site with more authority the more influencing your site will be get to rank better in search engines results :

1-Editorial Backlinks

The text link within an article naturally from a site with a similar specialty or close to your site’s specialization is what the search engines consider a clear signal and an endorsement of the efficiency of your site and its right to appear in a better rank within the search results.

It can take several forms, all of which indicate the same excellent type of Backlink including:

  • Refer to your site during the article as a reference for the statistics mentioned.
  • Refer to your website for submitting an info-graphic or design that was used in the article.
  • Indicate your site that you or one of your employees has provided assistance in writing this article.
  • Any kind of signal that appears naturally.

The most important thing is to pay attention to two points:

-the site be similar to your specialty and it is often a verified condition, otherwise you would not have a backlink,
-the second point is that the authority of the site from which you got the link is higher than your site itself, otherwise this will be a weak signal to the search engines and therefore the benefit will not be great .

2-Guest Blogging

The guest blogger is a volunteer who writes a unique article that is not copied and presents it as a gift to a site with more authority in the field and thus the site returns the gift through an external link to the writer’s site to refer to and thus the author benefits from obtaining an external link from a strong site.

This kind of links is very important and it fulfills the conditions for benefiting from the backlink, as the site is from the same field and the link is do follow and also the authority of the site from which the link is taken is greater than the authority of the writer site thus it is an ideal external link that search engines consider a clear indication of the eligibility of the writer site to get a better ranking When ranks search results.

3-Niche Directories

The specialized site directory exclusively provides the benefit if it is coming link is do follow type , we will not separate much in the site directory because it mainly depends on the specialization of your business and accordingly you can find a directory of sites according to your country and your commercial activity.

4- The link from the discussion about your site’s content

Writing professional and sometimes controversial content is what motivates readers to participate and express their opinions. The more unique your content is, the more readers pay to share it with a wider segment of their knowledge to express their opinions as well. Although this type of links is not guaranteed and difficult to obtain, unless if Your site has been shared by famous people in your specialty. This will be a very high level backlink.

5- backlink is from a free tool that you provide to visitors

Visitors always want to get something free before trying any paid service, and they also feel the advantage of sites that offer free services, regardless of the type of these services and how well they meet the visitor’s needs,

You can create a free copy of the tool that you sell on your website and allow visitors to have a limited experience, this will undoubtedly have a positive impact when sharing your site between their networks,

The problem facing this type of backlink is that the strength of it will often will be from weaker websites than your site and therefore there is no tangible benefit to that, but you can follow these two steps(4 and 5 types ) in order to improve the interaction on your site further away from obtaining useful external links Oh really.

B- Level Two: neither useful, nor harmless, and better to avoid

This level of Backlink in the past was of great importance like the first level and even better because of its ease it was used more than the first level. Unfortunately, even today, many marketers and SEO experts do not realize that this level of Backlink is no longer useful, especially for relatively high DA sites, but rather It has become a waste of money and effort, and these are the second level cases:

1-Guest Posting at Scale

backlink from the modified guest blog is to write a blog and publish it on many sites with minor modifications to the structure of the article and therefore it is not unique content but is copied by adding or deleting some paragraphs and re-arranging them, this type previously was the one followed but the development of Google algorithms led to the discovery of this type of Tricks and thus the multiple links, even if they were from several powerful websites for the same post became useless, and this is what many marketers ignore today.

2-Header, Footer, and Sidebar Links

Here is the unexpected shock of many followers of SEO news, which is that in 2020 the links in the main menu (header) or footer or side bar are not useful as they were before, and if we examine the titles of many of the SEO services From the past year or even the current year without modification, we find that it includes a text link in the header or footer from a site with a strong domain and thus promises to dominate the search results for a specific keyword, this even before it is not accurate it has become today significantly wrong, Google understands that The large number of external links related to a site with a different specialty is a commercial process , especially that the site that sells these links to your site also sells it to other websites, thus this makes it easier for Google to discover more of this trick.

Today building individual links from a site that shares your site with specialization and has a high domain authority is the best you need if you want to invest money, and if you want to invest the effort then writing the content in the form of a guest blog is what you need to build a healthy SEO for your site.

C- Third Level: Very harmful to your site

Even before this year, links from this level were known to be unhelpful to your site, but with no certainty. Today, these types of links that any online marketer or business owner cannot rely on in building the off- page SEO of his site.

1-paid links

It means the process of buying links from sites with a high DA for money, regardless of how long these links remain or their periodic cost. If the site from which you buy is from different sector of your site, this is one of the quick ways to waste your money and damage your website, at same time all backlinks from the first level needs a lot of time and effort and it has not 100% guaranteed results, so what is the solution?

To answer that, we say that buying links today is like walking in a minefield to reach safety, and if the marketing advisor is skilled, he can deliver your site to safety without harm, otherwise the results will be very bad,

paid links today cannot be dispensed , as the owner of any commercial activity will not accept the SEO plan for five years until the links are naturally built and reach the competitors, so it remains purchasing links is very important but needs experts who are not in the field of general digital marketing but experts in the field of Buy links .

2-Comment Spam

Previously, this type was neither beneficial nor harmful, but now it has become one of the most dangerous factors that negatively affect your website, and it is the easy way to build external links that are useless, on the contrary, it greatly damages your site,

Here it should be noted that writing a comment that includes useful information and a link to your site will have a benefit in order to attract visitors to your site but it has no benefit as an backlink and will not provide any added value to the DA of your site.

3-General Directories

The basic condition for benefiting from any backlink is that the source is of the same field and therefore if you have a real estate site and have subscribed to the Car Site Directory you will never benefit from this, and you will lose your money and the time you spent to access this guide.

4-Backlinks from Irrelevant Websites

Previously, the source of the backlink was not important, the only important thing is the DA of the site which this link is issued, but with the development of the algorithm of Google and other search engines it is easy to classify the sites according to the specialty and thus backlinks from irrelevant sites to another site (especially in the case of many backlinks not only one) It will be a negative sign that search engines take against your site while ranking results.

Final Words

External links or backlinks are an influential and very important factor in ranking of search results and thus to obtain more visitors to your website and then convert them to customers, but these links must be obtained in a way that is compatible with the search engine algorithms that always aim to provide the best user experience, and therefore must That these links are natural and in reasonable numbers and from reliable sources of similar specialty to or close to your site,

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