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Despite the fact that Istanbul is surrounded from the north by the Black Sea and from the south by the Sea of Marmara, which divides it into two Asian and European sides, the Bosphorus Strait, most of the projects in it with direct sea views are on the Sea of Marmara on both sides of Istanbul, European and Asian, as for the views of the Bosphorus Strait are They are located in the central areas, but they are indirect views, but far away, because the direct views are occupied by ancient palaces and historical buildings, which are often not offered for sale. in Istanbul  .

Today we will talk about projects with a sea view in the European side of Istanbul and we will leave the projects of the Asian section for another article and we will attach with each project a picture of its own view and always remember that by obtaining a free consultation we can secure the best price and the most suitable property in the most suitable project for you.

And if it is presented, we are talking about apartment prices starting from more than a million dollars. For more information, you can read this article: Real estate prices in Istanbul.

At the confluence of the Sea of Marmara with the Bosphorus Strait in European Istanbul, we will find the Topkapi Palace, Sultan Ahmed Mosque (The Blue Mosque), Aya Sophia and the Old City Walls. Then, heading west, we will reach our first project:

1-Cer istanbul

It is a project that is completely built on the walls of the old city and consists of only 120 apartments, most of which have been sold. It has a historical importance for the local population and therefore for those wishing to invest. This marine project is suitable, also includes multi-storey villas and houses with high ceilings and lofts, and entertainment facilities are built in it within old historical buildings This provides a different lifestyle from any modern tower project, and as for the sea view, it is shown in the above picture, and there is also a walkway directly on the sea line for those wishing to do sports

Morning .

2-onalti dokuz

There are no longer many options available for sale in this second tower project on the Sea of Marmara and the first in the municipality of Zeytinburnu. This project was delivered in 2016 and includes options starting from a room and a hall to a penthouse with a panoramic and charming view, which is considered one of the best sea views in Istanbul .

3-buyuk yali

It is the third project on the Sea of Marmara and the second within the municipality of Zeytinburnu. It is characterized by its high-finishing buildings and charming sea views. It also includes a building with an Italian Fendi design and cladding. The project is ready for housing and includes many restaurants, cafes and shops within the old historical buildings, and this in turn offers a lifestyle that blends the past with its originality with The present with its modernity and this project brings together lovers of fine taste who care about technical details in one place from all over the world.

4-yedi mavi

We are still with the municipality of Zeytinburnu and the last project in it that won the best architectural design for the year 2020 in relation to its buildings designed in a way that ensures viewing angles to the sea from the vast majority of apartments in it.

The green spaces and the design of the buildings with full glass facades without the presence of walls gives the project a more beautiful view and greater sustainability when facing various weather factors over the years.

The available options start from a room and a hall up to 5 rooms and a hall. Breathtaking finishes. All you have to do is contact us for more details.

5-pruva 34

The first project in the municipality of Bakirkoy, which is dedicated to lovers of luxury and those wishing to make 5-star hotel life a daily lifestyle. A renewed source of beauty.

The terrace in the apartment can accommodate more than 10 people. In this project, you can take your picnic to the Sea of Marmara with your large family while sitting in your apartment with a direct panoramic view with full privacy guarantee.

6-yali atakoy

It is the second project within the municipality of Bakirkoy and is distinguished from the previous projects by being very close to the sea, so that you can walk from the project to the sea without having to cross any street, and this represents an additional safety factor for your children when you send them for a walk near the house.

In the front buildings, only 4 or 5 bedroom options and a hall are available, while room and hall options and two rooms and a hall are available in the back building, and despite that, it has a wonderful sea view, even if it is indirect.

7-sea pearl

The last, most luxurious and most beautiful project on the coast of Bakirkoy with a wonderful design that ensures that all apartments in the project have a sea view, not only that, but there are spaces designated for water bodies inside and gardens in other projects that were used to build more towers.

If you want to get this style of luxury and have a high budget, contact us and we will show you the best options available.

And here we will have finished the sea projects with direct view to the Bakirkoy area, and then Avcilar, which does not include marine projects, will come, and we will continue in the areas of Beylikdüzü and Buyukcekmece.

Note: There are projects with partial sea views that we did not mention here for fear of prolongation. If you want to have a view, even if far from the sea, contact us to send you offers suitable for your budget.

We will start immediately with the Beylikdüzü projects and conclude with the Büyükçekmece projects, thus we will have finished the projects with direct sea view in the European side of Istanbul.

8-west wall marina 

It is the first villa project in Beylikduzu that consists of independent villas with a green area that can be used to create a swimming pool. It is worth noting that the project is relatively old, it was delivered in 2014 and there are still new options for sale for the first time, from an investment point of view this is a big weak point In the project, but for those who want housing and summer, it does not affect.

9-deniz istanbul 

The most famous project in Beylikdüzü and the largest is a complete marine city consisting of 5 stages and includes apartments, villas and Marina Beylikdüzü, which people from different regions of Istanbul visit, as it includes the largest gathering of small ships and also includes more than 20 restaurants and cafes of various international and local brands.

Until today, there is a section under construction in the project, and the options for the apartment range from a room and a hall to 4 bedrooms and a hall. As for the villas, there are independent villas and there are double villas.

The uniqueness of this project is its spaciousness, and therefore there are many options that fit the small budget, starting from 120 thousand dollars. You can have a bedroom and a hall.

One of the downsides of this project is that the prices for direct sea views are high, even in a section under construction, as we can find 3 bedrooms and a hall at a price of 600 thousand dollars, and within this price we can get a good apartment in an area closer to the center of the country, such as Zeytinburnu.

10-palm marin

The first and best investment project in Beylikduzu as it is still under construction and two bedrooms and a hall can be obtained at prices starting from 125,000 dollars. The project includes a resale guarantee after 3 years with a profit guarantee of 40%. This offer is still valid until the date of writing this article.

The options available in this project start from two bedrooms and a hall up to 6 bedrooms duplexes with a garden, and duplexes options are available for apartments with 4 bedrooms and a hall.

11-liv marine istanbul

A relatively small project that includes villas and large apartments starting with 3 bedrooms and a hall. It is characterized by being close to the sea and not only with a full sea view. In terms of finishing, the project is not the best and in terms of prices, it is not the cheapest, and therefore the demand for it is not like the previous projects,

12- keyif kavakli marin

Also a relatively small project, ready for housing, and originally most of the units were sold in it, with good finishing and an acceptable sea view, and cheaper prices than the neighboring projects.

13-casa blu büyükçekmece

And now we start with the last area of European Istanbul, which is Buyukcekmece, and this residential investment project, which represents the highest view of Buyukcekmece on the sea, and is also characterized by a relatively small number of units, thus ensuring the privacy that is missing in many large projects such as Deniz Istanbul.

It is worth noting that the installment options are more easily available in the projects under construction, and they provide a golden opportunity for those wishing to own real estate for the summer without freezing a large sum of money. the following :

Small projects There is no reason for their construction not to be completed. Yes, we face some faltering projects, but all of them, without exception, are large and huge projects.

 Some projects can delay delivery for a period of six months and sometimes a year, and this is not acceptable to us and our customers, but when this happens, the prices in the project under construction will remain at least 20% cheaper than ready-made projects with the same specifications, and therefore your summer house will be delayed a year and you pay its price 20% less At least it remains a bargain.

Always make sure that you are safe when consulting an old broker in the market who has extensive information about the history of projects and construction companies.

14-sun marine buyukcekmece

A project under construction in Buyukcekmece, which is close to the sea and provides privacy, but the prices are for 3 rooms and a hall with a direct view, starting from half a million dollars.

15-albatros life buyukcekmece

A small project ready for housing with modest finishes and does not have a direct view of the sea. What distinguishes it is its low prices.

16-rose marine butik

Returning again to the strong investment projects, this project is currently ranked first in the Buyukcekmece area because it is under construction and has luxurious finishes and at the same time includes a very beautiful sea view and a few apartments within it, which ensures a high degree of privacy.

The project area itself is beautiful and quiet, and we usually recommend it to those who want to get a summer house and at the same time for the purpose of investment.

17- marina 24

If you want to move to live immediately adjacent to the sea in a quiet and beautiful area within an apartment with excellent finishing, this project is the most suitable for you in Buyukcekmece. Privacy.

The options are nice in this project, but the only available payment method is cash, and the prices for a 4-room apartment will be around half a million dollars.

18-dia mare

A beautiful project ready for housing, characterized by the completeness of the surrounding services as well, its unique design, and its very acceptable prices compared to the previous project, as it is possible to get 4 rooms and a duplex hall here for about 250 thousand dollars.

19 -sea palm 212

It is the last project currently with a sea view in European Istanbul, and it is ready for housing and is characterized by its really cheap prices due to the level of good finishing in it, as you can get two rooms and a hall at prices starting from 125,000 dollars with a direct sea view.

The only negative about this project is that it is 10 minutes away from the nearest previous project we talked about earlier.

If your goal is summer and you are not interested in reaching the important areas in Istanbul, this option will provide you with a degree of calm that cannot be obtained within the areas of Istanbul.

Marine projects are constantly changing, some of them are completely sold, and some are opened from time to time. Therefore, to really get the best offer, all you have to do is contact us to provide you with all the details.

Also, if you want to get more pictures of any project and real pictures, we are here to help you.