Although we are a real estate consultancy company, we help clients choose the best property for them in terms of investment or housing, but we have prepared this article to help our clients who want to live and settle in Istanbul in finding the best private schools through which they can be assured that their children are in the right place studying the best curricula Globalism.

Today, the weakness of local Turkish schools in teaching foreign languages, especially the English language, will lead to the emergence of a local generation that is unable to follow the latest developments in the world that are presented in English first, and therefore from here there has begun an urgent need to find alternatives from American, British and Canadian schools that offer Teaching in English according to the latest curricula around the world.

Even today, for the investor who is thinking of obtaining an investment property and does not want to live in Turkey, it is better for him to know the locations of the best international schools, because they are an attractive factor for families who will rent his property and will help him obtain the highest returns.

1- safir International Schools

At Ambassador International School, English is the main language of instruction. She also teaches Arabic because most of the students are Arab. It teaches Turkish as a third language that allows students to mix and enjoy the country in which they live.

The school offers an American program for pre-kindergarten through 12th graders based on California state standards. Inquiry-based activities and hands-on training are used to introduce their curriculum. Teachers use a variety of teaching and assessment methods in order to meet the needs of students. They have a learning support program in order to differentiate education for students that depends on their abilities and needs.

Students enjoy modern facilities including science labs, computer labs, gymnasium, sports facilities, library and well-equipped classrooms. By the time students graduate from high school, they will earn an American high school diploma and have learned concepts and skills that will allow them to succeed in college and later at the start of their career journey. The school takes care of the overall well-being of its students in addition to teaching core subjects, English language, mathematics, science and social studies.

She also teaches the following subjects: the Noble Qur’an, Islamic studies, Islamic history, Arabic, Turkish, art, music, physical education, computer and information technology.

2- The British International School

It is one of only two branches in Turkey, one in Istanbul and the other in Ankara. It is the only school affiliated with the British Embassy in Istanbul that offers the IGCSE accredited curriculum. It is considered one of the world’s accredited international schools that facilitates the registration of its students in American and British universities. The school welcomes students from more than 55 countries, ranging in age from 2 and a half to 18 years old. The school focuses on teaching various foreign languages ​​such as German, French and Turkish, in addition to the primary language of instruction in English. The school was established in Istanbul in 2000, 20 years ago. The school has built an additional building named Zekeriyakoy due to the increasing number of students. Last year, the school expanded to become a Turkish school that teaches the Turkish curriculum with a foreign flavor and receives students between the ages of 2 and 7 years old. School prices range from 40-45 thousand dollars depending on the stage

3- MEF International Schools

Or as it is known as Modern Eğitim Fen, which means modern educational sciences. It was established in 1996 in Bahcesehir district. Today, it has more than 2,000 students who are supervised by 300 administrative and teaching staff for both the Istanbul and Izmir branches of the school. In its establishment, the school relied on advanced curricula (the integrated education system) after reviewing the most important international curricula such as the British, French and Japanese. The school’s active curriculum is CEFR accredited in the European Union. The school also prepares twelfth grade students to take the TOEFL and SAT exams, which help them to apply to all international universities. With regard to the second language, the student chooses one of the following languages: German, French, Spanish. It is considered one of the best international international schools spread in Turkey, prices range between 30-60 thousand dollars

4- Keystone and Kilittaşı schools, one of the Turkish international schools

It is an extension of Keystone School in Toronto, Canada. 5 branches opened in Istanbul, all in the Asian side of Istanbul. It is distributed in the following regions: the main center is in Uskudar region, and the sub-centers are in Tuzla, Beykoz, Kadikoy and Kartal region. Tuition fees at the school vary according to nationality. Canadian passport holders receive a nominal tuition fee of about 11,000 US dollars per year, while students of other foreign nationalities are charged with tuition fees of more than 30,000. The school adopts the Canadian curriculum up to the Canadian Diploma and is internationally accredited. Starting this year, the school will offer the option to apply for a high school diploma online directly from Canada. Where students can attend lessons and take exams, and after passing all of them, the student will receive a Canadian diploma. Students holding this diploma are allowed to apply to Canadian universities in the same way as a Canadian student. This gives them easy access to the third most successful educational system in the world, prices range between 50-60 thousand dollars

5- Gökkuşağı Schools, one of the Turkish international schools in the Cambridge curriculum

Rainbow School is one of the best international international schools in Turkey. It was established in 1997 based on the vision of (Turkey’s Gateway to the World) that started its journey on the path of educational excellence. The school offers International Baccalaureate Diplomas accredited by 2048 universities around the world. By the 2013-2014 academic year, and after several studies related to the school’s educational methodology and the passing of the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), the school was accredited as a (Cambridge International School) to implement its curricula and take its exams. The school has 4 branches distributed within the European and Asian sections of Istanbul as follows: Bahcesehir, Bahcelievler, Beylikduzu and Omraniye. The school focused on the high quality educational style compatible with international standards. In 2012 it became the first accredited Edexcel center in Turkey, where students from grades 5, 8 and 10 can apply for the SAT and obtain an internationally accredited Edexcel certificate,

6-Istanbul International School IICS, one of the distinguished Turkish international schools

It is one of the first, oldest and most famous schools in the world and Turkey to have obtained the International Baccalaureate permit for all its three programmes. In addition to being a modern school, it has remained committed to its traditions, which spanned for more than a century, as it was established since 1911 AD. It is worth mentioning that IICS is an independent day school that provides educational services from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade for foreign students (holders of non-Turkish passports). The primary language of instruction is English, and French as a second language. In addition to teaching the Turkish language at all stages to introduce more about the culture of Turkish society, their prices range between 34-35 thousand dollars with great discounts

7- Al-Nahda International Schools

Al-Nahda International Schools is located in Avcilar district and offers both the Yemeni curriculum and the American curriculum, which is accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Education. The school has been providing educational services for four years and competes with other international schools by maintaining international standards and techniques of teaching and under the supervision of a fully Arab academic staff. The school provides many smart systems that help in developing the quality of management and education and contribute to achieving its modern vision of building a healthy learning environment and an academic world that instills moral behaviors primarily along with various educational skills. Therefore, Al-Nahda International Schools contribute to building a comprehensive educational structure in all aspects, physical, emotional, mental and social, to prepare students and graduates for their future journey in this life under the supervision of academic specialists with high professional and educational qualifications.

8- Al-Huda International Schools

With its accredited American curriculum and Turkish licensing, Al-Huda Schools began its academic journey within advanced and modern educational chains over four years of giving and creativity. Al-Huda Schools are located in the Kayasehir district, the vital center for the gathering of Arab and foreign communities in Istanbul.

9- Future International Schools

 One of the most important international schools in the European part of Istanbul. Future International Schools offers a special program for students wishing to transfer from Arab or Turkish schools to studying in the American system by supporting them with additional classes and training courses that facilitate their integration into the American system.

10- Al-Fayez Schools in Beylikdüzü

 One of the international schools with Arab supervision. Al-Fayez International Schools, Beylikdüzü branch, offers the American curriculum in the international section and the Lebanese curriculum in the Arabic section. It starts from kindergarten and all basic stages up to the twelfth grade.

11-Al-Aqsa International Schools

Al-Aqsa International School is located in the European part of Istanbul within the (Başakşehir) region and provides American education for grades from kindergarten to grade 12.

There is another branch in Beylikduzu. Al-Aqsa International Schools in Beylikdüzü is distinguished by being one of the first international schools with Arab management that obtained the accreditation of the Turkish Ministry of Education more than five years ago. Al-Aqsa Schools in Beylikdüzü offer its Yemeni and American curriculum and includes all educational levels from kindergarten to the end of secondary school.

12-Al-Manar Schools

At Al Manar International Schools, the American system is offered at all school levels from Kindergarten to Grade 12 based on Virginia State Standards. The school is located in the Esenyurt area within a modern building with an innovative design that suits the educational process. It holds several international and local accreditations, the most important of which are AIAA accreditation and the Turkish Ministry of Education license

13-Louis Schools

 Although it was newly established in Istanbul in 2020, and after a successful academic experience that started from Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it obtained the accreditation of the International Baccalaureate and the Turkish government license in a short time due to its educational efficiency and its rich academic history.

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