The researcher looking for the best cities in Turkey and arrived at this article often did not specify the main purpose that he wants from the search process. He is referring to the best cities of Turkey for housing or for investment, or did he mean to search for the most beautiful Turkish cities for tourism?!.

Since we are a company specialized in real estate investments and at the same time we would like to provide information that helps researchers about the most beautiful Turkish cities for tourism. For each city, we will talk about housing and investment in it, as well as the most beautiful areas in it.

1- Istanbul

The city of beauty, commerce, business headquarters, and a gathering place for more than 20 million Turkish and foreign citizens, constituting nearly a quarter of the population of Turkey as a whole, which includes 81 different states.

From the point of view of investment in the field of real estate, we say that Istanbul is not only the first but also the first and last in the field of real estate investment in Turkey for the following reasons:

The city’s population is very large compared to the rest of the Turkish states, and therefore the demand is higher for rent and for later resale.

The large proportion of foreigners in Istanbul (which includes more than 3 million foreigners) contributes greatly to keeping rents high and real estate prices in general.

Being the business center and the headquarters of the largest companies, and therefore there is a high demand for commercial real estate, and this is followed by a high demand for housing due to the presence of a large number of employees.

It is the most expensive city in Turkey and therefore its residents are able to pay high rents and bear the rent increase that suits the investor, the property owner.

The real estate market is vital and therefore reselling the investment property is possible, easy, fast and profitable.

It is intended for foreigners in all seasons of the year and not in specific tourist seasons as in the maritime cities in Turkey.

As for the tourist point of view, the most beautiful thing we can find in Istanbul:

The Bosphorus Strait is the only waterway in the world that divides between two continents and therefore a part of Istanbul is located in the continent of Asia and a section is located in the continent of Europe, and leaves on its sides hundreds of restaurants and cafes with the most beautiful view and atmosphere at all, and tourists do not get tired of the Bosphorus Strait and visit it year after year general.

Historical monuments, as Istanbul is the city of history before the present and includes a large number of wonderful historical monuments, most notably the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Aya Sophia, Al-Fateh Mosque, Sulaymaniyah, the mosque of the great companion Abu Ayyub Al-Ansari, the Egyptian market, the Great Market, the Topkapi Palace and Gulhane Park.

Diverse and large shopping centers such as:

 zorlu center, istinye park, mall of istanbul, cevahir mall and vinisia mall

Gardens and forests are everywhere with easy access, most of them are free and the paid is for a nominal fee.

For those wishing to study, Istanbul includes more than 93 different universities and more than 9000 schools for all levels of education. It is known that studying in Turkey is almost free for public schools and universities, and it is paid for those wishing to enroll in international schools or private universities.

This wide and varied spectrum in Istanbul, suitable for all nationalities around the world and for all financial capabilities, made it the best place ever in Turkey.

2- Izmir

If you find that the hustle and bustle of Istanbul is not for you but you want an urban lifestyle; You have to head to the Turkish city of Izmir, which is the third largest city in Turkey. The city is famous for its highly organized transport links, as it is easy to navigate thanks to the water crossing system on one hand, and the organization of bike paths and pedestrian paths on the other.

As for the demographics, there is a noticeable difference. Over the centuries, it has been classified as the closest to western life in Turkey, and when you visit it, you will feel the presence of what attracts you to live in it. The province’s areas have a view of the Aegean Sea, which makes outdoor recreation the most important feature of the city. It also includes many places suitable for retirees looking for a quiet place to live, such as Cesma, Foca.

3- Antalya

If you are looking for areas of beaches and sunny mountains, then Antalya on the Mediterranean coast must be your destination. One of the best places in Turkey for nightlife and shopping, Antalya is also home to the two most beautiful beaches in Turkey, lara and konyaalti.

The city enjoys a high annual rate of tourists due to the local council’s permanent investment in improving its landscape and infrastructure. It is also considered one of the most beautiful areas in Turkey because it contains ancient and huge monuments, and wonderful landscapes punctuated by some amazing waterfalls.

4- Alanya

Constantly standing out with its rapid growth and development, Alanya is one of the most attractive places for retired tourists and expats. Although it is one of the smallest Turkish cities, it provides everything that an urban lifestyle needs, and some growing suburbs have the lowest prices for houses and apartments, such as Mahmutlar.

The city is an amazing place to enjoy the sun all year round due to its unique geographical location on the eastern Mediterranean. If affordability is one of your most important criteria for choosing a new place of residence and accommodation, Alanya is the right choice, as it is considered one of the cheapest Turkish cities in terms of living costs. It also has easy access to Gazipasa Airport and Big Antalya Airport. In short, Antalya is the destination for those looking for comfort and a simple life

5- Kalkan

If you are looking for the best city to live in Turkey with total luxury then this city is perfect for you. It is considered one of the smallest towns of the Turkish Riviera, but its nature, environment and residents make you live in an atmosphere of luxury, such as fine dining on the rooftop, joining beach clubs, and the appearance of luxurious buildings built with the latest architecture styles.

  The city is characterized by its mountainous terrain, which some consider a downside, but it offers an amazing view of the sea across the shore. The city has a very low crime rate, and its residents enjoy a conservative and quiet lifestyle, but it may not be considered one of the cheapest Turkish cities to live in. If you put in a lot of effort at work and want to reward yourself by moving to the best possible place in Turkey, you will not find better than Kalkan

6- Bodrum

Away from the rest of the Turkish cities and towns, Bodrum is the leading city and the first to receive foreign visitors and expatriates.

Expats coming to settle in the city will make you feel like you are still at home.

 The town includes both rustic gumusluk, high-end turkbuku, gumbet for water sports. The main city center of the peninsula, which is densely populated with daily life, makes it one of the best towns on the Aegean Sea.

7- Bursa

Like many coastal Turkish cities, the Turkish city of Bursa attracts various nationalities to reside in it due to the diversity of cultures in it. It is also very similar to the Middle East in its culture, customs, food and conservative atmosphere. There are several reasons that make this city the focus of attention to visit and live in it.

 Firstly, it is a world heritage according to UNESCO for embracing the old historical Ottoman buildings. Secondly, its title of Green Bursa indicates the local council’s dedication to maintaining parks, forests and family parks. And thirdly, skiing, which is considered one of the most important activities in the city, due to the large extension of Uludag Mountain, and therefore it can be considered a sought-after tourist destination throughout the year.

 It is also the place to learn culinary skills and taste famous Turkish dishes. As for the real estate market, the prices are suitable for buying or renting because the city has been late in development and growth unlike other cities.

 After we brought you the 8 best Turkish cities to live and settle in, the ball is now in your court to choose the best city to live in Turkey according to your aspirations, your financial situation, and your goal of moving in the first place. In any case, all of the cities mentioned are amazing, amazing and worth the chance to live and stay in!