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In the previous article, we talked about 19 projects with sea views in European Istanbul with pictures, and today we will continue with the Asian section and we will choose projects with sea views only.

We also note from the above map that the Asian section of Istanbul overlooks the Sea of Marmara and shares with the European section through the Bosphorus Strait that separates them, and we will write later about projects with views of the Bosphorus.

We will choose the projects close to the sea, knowing that the Asian section of Istanbul includes many projects with distant sea views, especially the well-known Emaar Hotel.

We start from Kadikoy with the first project:

1-fortis sinanli

It is a huge project that includes a lot of options, starting from a studio to 4 rooms and a hall, and it includes ordinary housing in addition to a house-office (1100 units), and also includes independent commercial offices (180 offices) and finally a huge commercial mall that includes many shops (72 stores).

The remaining options in this project are relatively few, but we liked to mention it due to its great fame during the previous years.


In an upscale area of Kadikoy, this small project is based as a number of units of only 86 apartments, with options ranging from a bedroom and a hall up to 4.5 bedrooms and a hall, and it includes from the upper floors views of the sea.

The finishes are excellent, and the strategic location is the most important thing that distinguishes it, so it is natural that the prices are high.

3- evin park

The project is ready to move in and consists of 3 buildings comprising 467 apartments in addition to 96 commercial stores with options ranging from one bedroom and a hall up to 4 bedrooms and a hall.

So far, all the options that have passed with us are with sea views that are not completely close to the sea, and in the upcoming projects we will explain the projects with a view close to the sea.

4-mina tower

An investment project with distinction, as the date of its delivery is at the end of 2022. It consists of two phases, each with 3 towers. We are now talking about the first phase. Each tower has 23 floors and large apartments have a sea view.

The available options start from a bedroom and a hall up to 4 bedrooms and a hall, and there are more than 60 shops to service the project.

In general, the preference is to choose a project with a large number of units or a few according to the preference of the customer himself. If you prefer privacy and quiet, this option is not the most suitable for you, while if you like many services and building relationships with neighbors, this project is an ideal environment for that.

5-four winds 

This project is the best ever in the Kadikoy area and is ready to move in. It consists of 4 high buildings with charming sea views, and it includes a hotel section and a residential section.

Below is a view of an actual image of the project:


The project is a single tower with excellent finishing, hotel services, and installment options. It will be delivered at the end of 2021. The project includes a lot of green spaces and includes an indirect sea view.

7-nidapark küçükyalı

An investment project with distinction in the Maltepe region that includes many residential, office and commercial options, also characterized by being under the supervision of government construction companies and this is called a government guarantee in addition to the participation of tahinci oglu company in the establishment of this project, a company known for its distinctive finishes and elaborate work as we saw in the bomonti project residence by rotana .

The project is also characterized by the presence of convenient installment options up to 4 years and a down payment of less than 50%. The options available in the project start from a room and a hall up to 5 rooms and a duplex hall.

8-versus dragos

Once again with the charming sea views and the princesses islands, this time in the Kartal region, this project consisting of two buildings was established and is ready to move in now.

The project consists of 227 housing units with options ranging from a room and a hall to 3 rooms and a hall. Duplexes and penthouse options are also available.

What do you think of this project, especially when you sit on the balcony to sip your morning coffee to watch the sunrise or tea at sunset

9-nouvel maltepe

Perhaps this picture will describe the project better than words. It is a project that consists of only two buildings, each of 16 floors, close to the sea, and includes options ranging from a room and a hall to 5 bedrooms and a hall.

The project is under construction and will be delivered at the end of 2021, and 75% has been allocated for green spaces.

10-asfor kartal

One tower consisting of 25 floors and comprising only 77 apartments, 4 offices and one shop. It includes options starting from a room and a hall up to 4 rooms and a hall. The project is ready for housing and its prices are relatively cheaper than previous projects.

11- teras kule

Two towers, each of 30 floors, with a total of 364 apartments, 21 offices, and 11 shops. The project is ready to move in and includes the highest and most beautiful views of the Kartal region on the Marmara Sea and the Princess Islands.

Studio options are available up to 3 rooms and a large hall.

12-dunya sehir kartal

An investment project under construction that includes installment options and great views, it will be delivered at the end of 2022 at prices starting from less than 90 thousand dollars for a room and a hall.

The available options start from a room and a hall to 3 rooms and a hall, and it includes loft apartments with high ceilings.

Here, we will be satisfied with this number of projects in the Asian section of Istanbul with sea views, knowing as we previously mentioned that these projects may change with time, as some of them are sold completely or new options are opened in old or new projects, so we always emphasize the importance of obtaining real estate advice Before making any decision, remember that real estate advice is free and will not cost you anything, but may protect you from a wrong choice.